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  1. Hey all, I answer back quickly to emails that are simpler/easier to answer to, and more slowly on emails that require more thoughts. I suppose it is pretty normal to do so. However, I really want to be someone who have higher rate of answering right away to email as soon as I read them, even if it is just something along the line of "Thank you for your email, I need to give it some thoughts but I'll get back to you as soon as I can, ” to be more ”professional” as a graduate student from upcoming Fall. Do you guys have any tips or comments on how to establish such a hab
  2. Same here; nearly tore apart my inbox thinking the notification must have slipped through. Will just have to wait now.
  3. Got an informal rejection email from UC Davis just now. American Politics subfield. Bit surprised they are endeavouring to email the rejected applicants on the same date as acceptance. But still, good to know. The wait is the most agonising part indeed.
  4. Hi all, another long time lurker here, decided to finally register given how much time I've already spent here and will spend until March. I got a Stony Brook interview as well and am nervously preparing for it. It will at least keep me busy for a while. Wish me luck and I will be thankful for any tips.
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