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  1. Entangled Phantoms

    Careers in Legal Academia?

    The folks at top-law-schools.com should be able to answer that question.
  2. It is easy to clog BBs with silly enough threads that other users feel that their Qs would get lost in the sea of spam.
  3. Entangled Phantoms

    how to feel better after deciding (or, should I back out?)

    Um, I really doubt your temporary academic advisor is expected to become your research advisor. My department purposely assigns us an academic advisor who we are unlikely to work with so that the incentives are well aligned. For example, a research advisor could push you to spend more time in the lab without caring too much about how you are doing as far coursework, quals, and career development. You want your academic advisor to be a neutral sounding board until you are sure you jave found a research advisor you are willing to trust your career with. You made the right choice. Relax.
  4. Entangled Phantoms

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    I love how the cost per student went up so much that the number of awarded fellowships fell by close to a factor of 3. STI-TEC probably found create ways to line their pocket when raising the cost per student on DoD. New outreach programs? Social media department for $5M? If DoD ever audits these guys, I would love to read the report.
  5. Entangled Phantoms

    Regrets about decision

    Can't you just turn down Middling U offer now and reapply to Prestige U this fall?
  6. Entangled Phantoms

    Northeastern University Campus Choice

    Decline. Northeastern is a diploma mill. Everything you've said about them so far confirms that they see you a bag of cash and nothing more.
  7. Entangled Phantoms

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    No budget cuts but the number of fellowships reduced by over 50%?
  8. Entangled Phantoms

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    LOL. Called it!
  9. Entangled Phantoms

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    Someone took a screenshot of this, right? Have a feeling someone might have second thoughts about leaving this up.
  10. Entangled Phantoms

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    This is a very odd first comment for a new user.
  11. Entangled Phantoms

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    These guys are a second rate defense contractor. Which means their only talent is winning bids. I remember their shotty website and complaints about the security of their portal. They won the bid and completely mailed it in. Right away. No first year of even trying. Calling your reps to lambasted STI is a great idea.
  12. Entangled Phantoms

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    I would not count on the clowns who put together this second rate website to notify ALL applicants.
  13. Entangled Phantoms

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    STI-TEC's cut is probably a lot larger than ASEE's. I really doubt program funding was actually reduced.
  14. Entangled Phantoms

    University confusion

    Depebds on your specialization and goals. Since these are your choices (both cash cows), I assume you have no funding at either. Since NYU has a trash engineering program in general and primarily uses it as a revenue stream, I would pick USC. They too are milking you for money, but there is a better chance of getting good training from USC's larger (and much better) research program.
  15. Entangled Phantoms

    Between an Ivy and a Hard Place

    I think you shouldn't be worried about outing yourself. Where is Great School located? There's Pittsbugh and there's Champaign. I can see never wanting to live in latter, but the former, I am confident, would grow on you. I would take Great School because of the research fit and because I know I would quickly start to loathe living in Boston or NYC on a graduate student stipend.

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