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  1. You may find this thread useful:
  2. Purdue Electrical engineering accepted graduates

    Did not enroll. Better research fit elsewhere.
  3. Purdue Electrical engineering accepted graduates

    I visited this program last year. Well organized relative to the other ones I went to. Good luck.
  4. Can you leave a program for another before the semester beings?

    Seems like a problem. I do like how you've turned a resolution between graduate schools into a legal contract. LOL. Cool story. I signed a rental agreement once. It was awesome. That's cool. But you're neither a lawyer nor have you seen the offer letter. If the offer letter is anything like the bajillions of other assistanship offers, your signature indicates that you intend to accept the offer financial support and that you've read the terms and conditions of your support. I have never seen conditions from the CGS resolution incorporated into the terms and conditions of the award. Probably because they have no legal recourse if you stiff them and enroll elsewhere. The CGS resolution is usually linked to at the end of an offer letter to let you know how graduate schools (and the prospective) student are expected to conduct themselves. Jeez. This stuff is dangerous. Don't hold yourself out as a legal expert if you aren't one. OP: Contact school A and ask for a release. They will most likely grant it without a fuss.
  5. Can you leave a program for another before the semester beings?

    Orly? Can you enlighten us on what makes this a "binding legal contract?" OP: If School B, is on this list (CGS Resolution), School B should request that you present them with a letter from School A that says you are released from your previously accepted offer. Ask for the release. They will grant it. It won't be a big deal. A.
  6. UCSB vs USC (ECE MS)

    If you are a domestic student, you can get in-state tuition after a year IIRC. USC will continue to be overpriced in year 2.
  7. Backing out of an accepted offer

    OP said he/she is waiting on an EXTERNAL scholarship.
  8. Is it realistic considering a PhD with this profile?

    You have an unusual enough profile that you should also directly contact programs/professors. I honestly have no clue how schools would view your profile and I doubt many others would either.
  9. Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech ECE PhD

    Graduate school is a job that is supposed to set you up for your next job. Which school gets you where you want to go? Where and what do you want to be working on for the next 4-5 years?
  10. UIUC or UoR (MS) or BU (PhD) for Optics/Photonics

    Regarding UIUC: As long as your next advisor has money and is willing to take you on, you can switch if you don't like the field you start out with. The way current students have told me these switches commonly work is that you end up doing your MS with one advisor and PhD with the next. It is also a good idea to figure to learn a little more about the professor you are getting the RA from initially. Some professors can hold a grudge if they spend 9 months training you and then you leave (was an issue for a friend with an advisor at my current school) right away. Other professors might be hesitant to take you on to avoid pissing off your the initial advisor. I don't think this will be an issue, but doing some research about your professor at UIUC beforehand would be a good idea. PM me if you have any other specific Qs. I am likely not going to attend UIUC, but my interest is photonics and I likely met your professor. Not sure how much my opinion would be worth, but it is a data point.
  11. Fall 2017 EECS Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

    I don't think anyone said publications don't help. They certainly do. All else being equal, they are likely not necessary for someone with your credentials to gain admission to a top program. Plenty of UGs without publications get admitted to those schools. Out of curiosity, what is the niche area of quantum computing/information that you are interested in? My AOI is quantum optics, although I am not wedded to a particular platform or construct.
  12. Fall 2017 EECS Applicant Profiles and Admission Results

    I don't think this is true. This might have been the bigger issue: --- "I am interested in researching a very niche part of quantum computing which unfortunately not many professors do. I've seen many guides telling me to apply for schools where there are 2-3 Profs I want to work with in mind, but this is very difficult for me since most schools often only have 1 professor working on something close to my interest. These professors are even sometimes in odd departments where they are the only one working on quantum computing and while the majority researchers are in Physics or CS dept." --- If a school thinks that there's only one professor you'd be interested in working for, they will probably prioritize fellowship and TA support for students who have at least 2-3 professors they could conceivably work for. You've set yourself up where you need to thread the proverbial needle - get noticed by the one professor you are interested and hope they also just happen to have RA funding available for you right away. If you don't already have a Masters, then your task is even harder.
  13. In a previous post you say your stats are 158/162 and 3.36 (GRE and GPA) and that you applied for MS admission at some of the best schools in the U.S. and Canada. Honestly, you should be happy that your schools are looking beyond numbers instead getting all high and mighty.