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  1. I think programs often get back to waitlisted applicants after the April 15th deadline - not sure how long it would take them to make final decisions about waitlisted candidates. I'm sorry Michigan didn't get back to you yet!
  2. I'd ask for an extension! It can't hurt, and it's so close to the deadline that I think if you feel invested in the school for which you don't yet know about funding, it's totally worth it. Hopefully they can provide you with more information about funding before the 15th!
  3. Have you been able to visit both schools or have a follow up conversation with POI or current students at each? Both sound like perfectly good options, even if the second school seems a bit riskier as far as funding goes. Personally, I would go with my gut here - you've clearly given it a lot of thought and weighed different pros and cons, so no matter what you're making an informed, reasonable decision. I'm sure you'd be successful at either program, but if you have the sense that one might be a better fit (even for more amorphous reasons like the vibe of the school), I'd go with that one. Go
  4. @GuacemoleI'd have to say Hopkins. I'm sure you can get great training at any of those schools, but I think Hopkins will open up the most doors for you after graduation. Hopkins has a huge alumni network which can be particularly helpful when trying to find a job. There are a lot of part time RA positions at Hopkins, which could at least help you offset some of the cost of going there. Debt is obviously a serious consideration, but Baltimore is fairly cheap (especially with roommates), and as the program is only one year you'll be back to making money full time fairly quickly.
  5. I'm also in a similar situation! I didn't realize you could ask for a deadline extension...thanks for putting that info out there My understanding is that if you want to switch your official decision prior to April 15th (aka you accept at one school, then get off the waitlist before the 15th and want to accept that school instead), that's fine. Switching after the 15th is trickier and may potentially burn your bridges with that school. However, ultimately you have to do what's right for you! Fingers crossed that we can all get off the waitlists at our #1s
  6. As far as the MPH vs MS, I don't know how much it matters. Which degree gives you the opportunities to take classes that give you the skillset you want? If both programs have similar coursework, I don't think in the long run it will make a difference when applying to a PhD or MD. All of those schools are great, though I think Duke is the least well known for public health (check if they're accredited through CEPH).
  7. Congrats on narrowing it down! That's definitely a tough choice, but both great options. Are you planning to stay on the waitlist at Minnesota and/or Yale, or are you definitely choosing either Michigan or Brown? No matter what, good luck!
  8. Thank you for the advice! These are all helpful questions to consider. I think I could get a job in location A, however because I'd still be out the tuition (~20k p/semester), I don't think I'd be able to afford the first year without loans for tuition. I am hoping to avoid spending too much of my savings while in school if at all possible. I've thought of that and am considering it. My main issue with that is I think the weakness in my application may be more related to coursework than to work/research experience (aka I need to take a few more classes to boost my application). It's
  9. Some schools seem to put the onus on you to find funding - aka it's your responsibility to find professors who have available grad student research positions or a training grant you can be on. If I were you, I'd reach out to any POIs to see if they might have funding for you or could put you in touch with someone who does. The admissions coordinator might also be able to point you in the right direction. It doesn't hurt to reach out, and everyone I've reached out to has been helpful! My sense is professors really expect to hear from admitted students seeking funding, so I think you have an opp
  10. I don't know anything about that school or program specifically, but they are accredited by CEPH: https://ceph.org/about/org-info/who-we-accredit/accredited/
  11. Ok, that would be incredible if it came through for you! Crazy how everything seems to get backed up till right before the deadline. I'd had these naive hopes that I'd get multiple funded offers and be able to figure everything out by April. Yeah, figuring out how to market yourself is likely something I need to work on as well. I don't think having multidisciplinary interests should hold you or anyone back, but it likely is harder to package/communicate those interests in a way that makes programs feel that you are the perfect fit. If I do wind up reapplying, that's something I'll have
  12. Oh that sounds really cool! I take it that you won't hear back about the NSF-GRF application till after the deadline? Well, it sounds like you're doing all that you can. And if you work there as an RA, especially after how much they already liked you this year, I'm sure your chances at getting in would be sky high! Honestly I think to a certain extent being in this position is clarifying - at least for me, its pushed me to reconsider what is *really* important to me and rearranging some of my priorities. Like at first when I applied I thought I'd only do research one well defined area, bu
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