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  1. Yes, I committed to Columbia! My research interests align best with the faculty there actually.
  2. UofT is a great school, and Toronto is just simply beautiful! Best of luck!!!
  3. hey.. i know you got into Columbia, but which school did you commit to, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks!
  4. Any news on the funding from Columbia?? And for those who attended the admitted student day, could you please share your thoughts on their program and how it went??
  5. Anyone going to Columbia's admitted student day?
  6. Columbia just sent out their decision...
  7. Has anyone heard back from Columbia Epi after the interview??
  8. Has anyone heard back from Harvard's PHS in global health and population? or Brown's Epi? or Hopkins' epi?
  9. Still deciding between Emory Global Epi MSPH and Columbia Epi MPH with ID conc., but heavily leaning towards Columbia because of its location, resources and connections.
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