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  1. Would you mind sending me a sample email to a POI? Also, may I see your CV? Lastly, would you include research study protocols you have written on your CV? How about a skills summary? Please let me know. Thank you so much for the helpful thread above! Do you think I can contact a POI next week?
  2. Also, has anyone ever head of anyone getting a GRE waiver?
  3. Thank you for this information! I am getting ready to start sending emails out to POIs. How much does the research have to match, btw?
  4. I want to apply to U Minn Occupational Injury Prevention ResearchTraining PhD. I have to take GRE too.
  5. Hi! I just wanted to get this thread going! Anyone looking to apply?
  6. I met with a POI that I really loved, who has 3 funded research centers and a track list of grants. This POI sees it important for individuals to fund themselves throughout their programs. Any thoughts on how this is feasible? Any suggestions for fellowships for pre-doctoral students and web-sites where they can be found? I would be most obliged!
  7. dreams1214

    GRE Prep

    Hello Everyone, I am typically not a great test-taker, and was hoping I could get some suggestions for GRE prep. I am planning on applying to some big name schools, and really need to improve my past scores to be competitive for funding. I need to seriously brush-up on math, but I know I would be ok if I practice on verbal. Do I need to take a course? Or, maybe one of the on-line Kaplan math bootcamp options. Or, should I just use the books and self-study? Which books? I would be most obliged for guidance!
  8. Hey NoWay, I am making a list of programs/scholls for next year. Some Anthro, some Public Health, some Sociology, and some along the Social Intervention realm, in addition to Health Ecology. I am narrowing down schools by research centers, faculty, and my interests. I see Anthro to be interdisciplinary in nature, and if you would pm me, I would like to know more about to what you are referring.
  9. Hey Guys, Only applied to Penn this year. I was kind of late in the game. but will make up for it this coming here. I plan to apply to 5-6 schools and 2-3 fellowships. I am considering re-taking the GRE.
  10. Hey Guys, I am bummed about UPenn!
  11. Hey Forsaken, Sorry about Cornell but glad you heard from somewhere
  12. Hey Guys, I am bummed...did not get into UPenn.
  13. Has anyone heard from UPenn?. Please let me know. I really think I am a good fit for all of the sub-fields, but I applied for Medical.
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