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  1. Thanks for taking your time to answer my query. I am passionate about infectious disease epi and ph emergency management. I am aware of the all of the vital info you provided. I do have work experience in infectious disease epi as well as a certification. My question was about how should I approach the PI whose works matches with my interest, once I have tailored my resume and planning on applying to a program? There are at most 2-3 PI that work on infectious disease epi at the schools I have narrowed down. So, I was thinking about the best way to contact them to find out if they are taking on new students (hence my original question). I am trying to avoid wasting my application $$ by just applying to those programs not knowing whether or not PI at those entities are taking new students. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I am planing to apply for Phd in Epidemiology and I am struggling with the best way to go about contacting the PIs. I have seen suggestions that apart from mentioning that one is interested and passionate about PIs work they should ideally ask 1/2 specific thing about the work of the PIs or try some little project based on the PI 's work. I have read about 11 recent papers from 2 PIs and for some reason I can not come up with any questions (either I am too dumb or I grasp the paper quite well. IDK). Also, I can not think of a project based on their work either. I have done my tertiary education from US (English is my 2nd language) and I have been out of the school for 5+ years. My couple month old GRE also stinks (VR/Quant both 148 and Writing 4.5). I am not gunning for ivy or top 20-30 schools if that matters. I am really interested in infectious disease epi and ph emergency management. I am certified in infectious disease and have work experience in both infectious disease and emergency management post mph. So, now coming to my main question, Can I just contact the PIs mentioning that I have read their recent papers on ______ topics and really interested on their work and let my work experience and certification speak for my passion (also 1 of my reference letter strongly speaks about my interest in infectious disease). Do you guys have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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