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  1. The wait is definitely stressful. Already got few straight rejections. Complete silence from couple programs. Debating whether to shell few more $$ (the limiting factor) on couple late programs or just call it quit for good. Having gone through this taxing process and nothing to show in return is really disheartening.
  2. Just FYI, Arizona charges $95-$100 in supplemental application fee. If you are ok with that, I think you should go ahead and apply. I am also thinking about applying to PhD Epi there.
  3. Thanks. I have applied and will apply only to schools that have at least 2 faculty with research interest same as mine. I was complete in Feb 25 at 1 school and got rejection on Mar 03 (just 1 week. Also, it was my 1st choice with most number of faculty research match of all schools I applied so far. This makes me suspect probably schools have already filled their classes and even though they are still taking application its probably just going to be a donation for the applicant). Hence, my dilemma to whether or not to apply to schools that have deadline until Apr 01. One of these schools has so far the most research match, but not sure whether I should spend $100 on supplemental fee. I am just disheartened with no acceptance so far.
  4. Hello, is it still good idea to apply to PhD Epidemiology programs at this point or am I simply going to just donate $200 to 3 universities. With no acceptance so far and out of almost $1K, I can not decide anymore. Help? Edit: Apologies for quoting you. It wasn't my intention to do so.
  5. Thanks for taking your time to respond my queries. Is it ok for me to pm you in future if needed? I am still waiting for my 1st acceptance. Good thing is I only have 3 more schools left to hear from now.
  6. Thanks for the response. Did you request GRE waiver after being accepted or after applying to the program? Also, did you have to pay a supplemental fee to GSU?
  7. Hello, I think I have seen couple people being accepted to Georgia Southern University DrPH program. To those, did you get GRE waiver having MPH from US? Also, did you get DrPH prerequisites waiver (for core MPH courses)? TIA for your feedback.
  8. Thanks for taking your time to answer my query. I am passionate about infectious disease epi and ph emergency management. I am aware of the all of the vital info you provided. I do have work experience in infectious disease epi as well as a certification. My question was about how should I approach the PI whose works matches with my interest, once I have tailored my resume and planning on applying to a program? There are at most 2-3 PI that work on infectious disease epi at the schools I have narrowed down. So, I was thinking about the best way to contact them to find out if they are taking on new students (hence my original question). I am trying to avoid wasting my application $$ by just applying to those programs not knowing whether or not PI at those entities are taking new students. Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, I am planing to apply for Phd in Epidemiology and I am struggling with the best way to go about contacting the PIs. I have seen suggestions that apart from mentioning that one is interested and passionate about PIs work they should ideally ask 1/2 specific thing about the work of the PIs or try some little project based on the PI 's work. I have read about 11 recent papers from 2 PIs and for some reason I can not come up with any questions (either I am too dumb or I grasp the paper quite well. IDK). Also, I can not think of a project based on their work either. I have done my tertiary education from US (English is my 2nd language) and I have been out of the school for 5+ years. My couple month old GRE also stinks (VR/Quant both 148 and Writing 4.5). I am not gunning for ivy or top 20-30 schools if that matters. I am really interested in infectious disease epi and ph emergency management. I am certified in infectious disease and have work experience in both infectious disease and emergency management post mph. So, now coming to my main question, Can I just contact the PIs mentioning that I have read their recent papers on ______ topics and really interested on their work and let my work experience and certification speak for my passion (also 1 of my reference letter strongly speaks about my interest in infectious disease). Do you guys have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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