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  1. Yes... the pharmacoepi track - anyone heard back for this track? I truly hope I will get some news (any!) today.
  2. Congrats!! I'm worried that I haven't made the interview cut as I haven't heard back... can I ask who you were interviewed by?
  3. @storm_jonas it was for the epidemiology of aging track and I was not interviewed. I saw interviews for it go out, so the rejection was not all surprising. Kudos to you for going through this a second time! I hope you don't mind if I pick your brains a bit later as I'm already mentally preparing myself for the next cycle.
  4. A rejection from Johns Hopkins Epi PhD. I hope everyone else who applied get better news than me! Also, I hope everyone who had interviews this week aced it and get good news! Feel free to share with us on how it went.
  5. I also wonder whether 'no interview' equates to 'no admission'. It seems difficult to tell from the results survey page whether all candidates are interviewed prior to admissions, given that not everyone who applied will have uploaded their results/statuses (it would definitely be interesting to see how many candidates were accepted without interview, but we'll never know!). Also, as you say, institutions may go case-by-case in conducting interviews. So we'd probably be second-guessing, and as @west_k say if you really want to know probably best to check programme websites or contact the adcom
  6. @linnbear me neither, but January is too early to give up. Hang in there! Anyone else realising that the applying was the easy part? The waiting is excruciating!
  7. So I guess their FAQ section (https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/phdphs/admissions-faq/ ), which says no interviews are carried out, is out of date? Is the admission based on some entry test and/or interview or is done on the basis of the academic history? Applications are reviewed on the basis of academic credentials, GPA, GRE, TOEFL, prior research and work experience, statement of purpose, recommendations and a writing sample. No other entry test or interview is required.
  8. Thanks I checked with them and they said the GRE thing isn't an issue and that the 'minor discrepancy' are, as the name suggests, minor things that will not affect my application and that I should just wait for the admissions team to contact me about it. I should probably chill a bit!
  9. To those who applied to UCLA, did you send 2 separate GRE scores to SOPHAS and to UCLA's own application form? It was a bit confusing having to do 2 separate applications, one via SOPHAS and one via the UCLA website... My GRE scores were received in my SOPHAS application, but not in the UCLA mainframe application (i'm not sure if they will have 2 different college codes?). I recently got an email saying that there was a minor discrepancy in my application which was preventing it from loading onto the mainframe database... I wonder if it's because I didn't send the GRE score to both portal
  10. I'm an international applicant and live abroad, so I am assuming Skype interviews will be offered to people like myself?... I would love to attend for interviews if invited, but I doubt I will be able to without reimbursement.
  11. May I ask what course it is? I find it surprising that such cliques / passive aggressiveness exist at grad school, given that these are 'graduates', i.e. adults. Perhaps it is a younger cohort than usual. I don't think you need to feel sad or left out for not being involved or attached to cliques or immature 'private' jokes. But it's a shame that there is no-one mature enough to mitigate this passive aggressive behaviour of 'circling people out'. I hope you find someone like-minded, who is mature and serious about graduate school. As somewhat introverted myself, I understand yo
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