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  1. Then they really need to let you know! You need time to figure out moving, any visas or things like that... (Still nothing here, but head of program is off this week.)
  2. Thanks! Nope, I actually live about 20 miles from the school... I hope you hear something back from the e-mail. Are you international?
  3. Yep, extremely frustrating. Especially knowing that the semester is over now... Sorry you haven't heard anything either, KarlFrick.
  4. Well, I just interviewed with them last week (like 4 hours of interviews!), after assuming I'd been rejected (they called the week before--on like April 17--asked if I was still interested and asked when I could come for interview). I was told they'd be meeting yesterday, presumably to decide (was just a regular faculty meeting). So...hope to hear soon? I was rejected from the other place I applied to (Hopkins--they let me know a couple months ago!), so it's not like they have competition. Still...
  5. I responded to you over PM, but thought I'd respond here for others reading. I just got invited to interview today after dead silence for over 4 months. I'm guessing I was unofficially waitlisted? (Unofficially in the sense that they didn't tell me.) I'm guessing that could be the case for other schools, too--If someone didn't give their decision till 4/15, then slots might now be open.
  6. If anyone applied to JHU Population, Family And Reproductive Health, check your portal. Just saw my rejection (after seeing a couple reported in Results). Said an e-mail would be going out in next day or two. Oh well, figured I didn't really have a shot there and would have needed funding to afford it. Pretty sure I'm getting a UMd MCH rejection, too, since someone in Results reported an interview request today that they'd received a month ago. When I talked to head of program in November, he'd said rejections are sent out first, then interviews. So unless they're doing multiple rounds of inte
  7. I'm CHES and included it in my resume with the applications. No idea if it would make any difference or not.
  8. Congrats! Just FYI for others--not for all JHU programs have been updated. Still in limbo on Population, Family, and Reproductive Health: "Application sent for review."
  9. Congrats!!! Odd that no e-mail was sent. Mine (Maternal and Child Health) still says Application under Departmental/Program review...It's under a different department though, Family Science.
  10. Yeah...I'm starting to think that, too. They could at least let us know that! Even if it's a group form e-mail...
  11. I keep checking, too! My therapist said the advice he got when he applied for his PhD was to just try to forget you'd even applied. That's much easier said than done! Doesn't help that I've e-mailed the department head for one of the programs last week, and he hasn't gotten back to me... despite having told me when I talked to him a few months ago that interviews would be late Jan./early Feb. and that flat-out rejections would go out pretty early (before interview requests).
  12. Thanks. Was going to apply to GWU but ended up changing my mind (kinda wish I had now!)
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