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  1. I also think it is important to identify professors who work with methods/populations/questions you'd like to research and talk to them. I think it's important to learn about the projects they're currently working on and about the work of other faculty members at the school. This will help you see you're a good fit for the program. These talks also helped me a lot with my statement of purpose. Not only can you tailor it to the specific program you're applying to/professor you're citing in your essay, they also helped me figure out the best way to frame my research interests and how my CV relates to all that. So while it is good to start writing your statement soon in the process, I would also recommend keeping your mind open and not being afraid to change your statement (maybe substantially) during the application process. One thing I would say about talking to professors, though, is that quality is more important than quantity. I talked to a lot of people, and some of these talks didn't help me at all. One or two might have even decreased my chances of getting accepted, actually (lol). So spend some time looking up the professors you'll get in touch with. Don't contact people just for the sake of talking to someone at the school you're applying to. If you're not ready to have a meaningful conversation about how their research interests relates to yours and don't have any other good reason to contact these people, look them up first. My successful conversations were with people whose work I knew well or people whom had been recommended by professors I know well.
  2. Just officially declined Hopkins' offer (HBS). Best of luck for people on the waitlist!
  3. I also got an email this morning (which at first glance looked personalized - then I noticed the "donotreply@..." email address). lol I think students admitted last year got a call before receiving the official acceptance letter, so keep an eye on your phone.
  4. Finally heard back from NYU (epi track): waitlisted after interviewing with them last month. Congratulations to those who got in!
  5. That's insane! Maybe I'm on the same waitlist, because I haven't heard back either and apparently other people have been accepted. If not, sending initial acceptances in late April is almost like aiming for applicants who weren't accepted anywhere else (as 4/15 is the deadline for most, if not all, schools).
  6. I think I saw someone was accepted to NYU/Epi track last week, but can't seem to find the entry on the survey webpage now. Does anyone have an update on that? That is the last school I'm waiting to hear from, and I'm not very optimistic since I haven't heard a word since recruitment day last month.
  7. It's never come up in talks about doctoral programs with mentors/advisors/POIs or in the interviews I've had so far, but it can't hurt to have these certifications. I certainly did not emphasize it in my apps.
  8. I applied to SMS/Sociology and talked on the phone with POI at the end of January.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, guys! Confirming also that JHU decisions are up on the portal, without any email sent. Luckily, I was accepted to HBS. Still no information on funding, so I don't know if I'll accept. Good luck everybody.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, which track was that? Did you get an official acceptance letter? Or were you contacted by POIs?
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