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  1. Low undergrad GPA but high MPH GPA

    I have pretty much the same.story as you. I am currently awaiting to hear back from UMD. One piece of advice I can give you is, contact professors at those schools, attend their open houses and events (open to the public),make sure they know you and your face/name. That's what I've been doing. I attended UMDs open house, talked to as many students and faculty there, attended their 10th anniversary reception at apha in Atlanta, met more students and more faculty in Atlanta,.contacted a faculty with similar interests (and she happens to come from the city I'm at right now and her parents still love here), and have kept in contact with 2 current PhD students in the department of applied to and in a different department. Just try to make those connections. I'm not saying it works, since idk yet if I'm even getting an interview, but it can't possibly be a bad thing to do. Do you have your own research or been first author for anything? That was one of the questions the faculty asked-luckily I'm working on my own research right now and was able to tell them a little bit about it. They even asked to share results with them. So just make those connections and start early.
  2. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    This is gold! Thanks!! I didn't apply there, but great to know!
  3. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    That's so exciting!! Congrats!!! You're definitely getting accepted!
  4. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    So I usually go to that same email...m and there's a link below the password reset link...."Once you set up your account, you can use your username and password to access the application here." Only thing is... When you log off, click on one of the links to give to the admissions page, because of you funny, you might be able to log in again for a little while. I logged on and nothing :(. Did you get an interview!? So for mine it never said my recommendations were there. But I know they have them because SOPHAS has them. So i wouldn't worry. Our department is taking for ever!!! Specially since Dr. Roy said they only get on average 30 applications. But I guess it's harder to pick 2-4 candidates vs the higher amounts in the other departments.
  5. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    @MarylandGirl i Just logged to my portal and it looks a little different. Where it says test scores.. previously it just said received, but now it says GRE: received official 3 times (I sent them 3 different scores). I wonder if this means we're getting closer to a yes or no.
  6. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I don't remember him telling me the type of interview it will be, but he did tell me it would be in jan-feb. I have been in contact with a few students and one of them said, "hopefully I will see you next semester during the application/interview cycle." Seems as though it might be a group interview with faculty and current students.
  7. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Per Dr. Kevin Roy, when I spoke to him on the phone, they grab all applications after the deadline and look at them (family science/MCH program). Early deadlines didn't matter, everyone is being looked at the same time. That's why I didn't complete mine until Dec. 1st instead of rushing.
  8. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Mine has been under departmental/program review for ever!! The latest date I have is 12/18 @ 7:44am. (Dr. King-Marshall has emailed me that early multiple times before, so I'm guessing that's when she sent it to the department).
  9. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I would reach out to one of the programs and explain your situation and that you would like to know if they received your sophas application.
  10. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    That's great!! Do you remember who you spoke to?
  11. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    This makes me nervous!!! Thanks for the update! 🤞 Edit: I sure as heck hope that the fact that I don't have a rejection in the portal is a good sign!
  12. UPenn MPH Program

    In your case, since you don't plan on relocating, I don't think it matters which Philly school you go to. It'll still be better than getting it from .....let's say, East Stroudsburg University which is where I got mine from. If you're not worried about prestigious names and all of that B's..... There's always west Chester. They don't require GRE and they have an online option as well. (Plus it'll save you a lot of money). I'm from the Northeast area if you were wondering.
  13. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    This question is for everyone. I have been in contact with a few students from the University I'm waiting to hear back from. Last time I heard from them was around finals. I had emailed to thank them for spending time with me at apha and blah blah blah... You get the point. They replied back and said to keep in contact and if I have any questions to just call text email them. I didn't not email back after this. I figured with finals/holidays they'd be busy. Now that all that is over, do you think it's appropriate to email them back just saying hope they enjoyed their holidays and the off and give them an update about how I applied and just waiting to hear something ? Does this seem a little desperate?