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  1. Your package is really good. If you could improve the GRE quant score that would be perfect. Btw why not Hopkins, Harvard, UNC, Berkeley, etc? You can also aim for PhD, if you are interested...
  2. It depends on whether the school is public or private. Public school's funding comes from government, so it can be worse after covid-19 hits the economy. Private schools are relatively richer, but it's hard to say. I also doubt whether there will be fewer spots for PhD everywhere in the coming few years due to the economic recession.
  3. Please DM me if you want to share your own experience or discuss more~
  4. I am admitted to both schools (Master of Science).
  5. Hi! I am trying to make a choice: Harvard vs McGill. My goal is to get a PhD after graduation. Both are Master of Science in Epidemiology. Choosing between these two is gonna kill me. I want to go to both...
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