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  1. We both haven't heard from University of Maryland yet.... Very frustrating. Tried emailing and nothing.
  2. hccgrl

    Cv/resume question

    I will be giving a talk about diabetes on a local radio station, how can I included that in my CV? Should I even include it? FYI: I work on the public health field. I just graduated with my mph and looking to apply to doctoral programs as well.
  3. Yes... Tell me about it. We're both going crazy (we're both waiting to hear from the same program). I emailed once since my interview asking for an update and did not get a reply. If it's a no...just say so, why drag it out. On a different note, how do you guys feel about applying to a new PhD program? It's not necessarily ceph accredited, but from my understanding, when it comes to PhD, it really doesn't matter (specially since my mph is ceph). And this isn't one of those online school or for-profit... A legit University.
  4. Anyone still waiting for a yes, no, wait-list? Still waiting to hear something after my interview March 22. ? it's driving me nuts!!
  5. Thank you. Yea, i have 8+ years of working in health care and 2/8 have been as a project coordinator in community health, so it seems as though I'd have to wait a few more years to apply for that program. They were my dream school for years, until I did a campus tour and met with a handful of faculty for their PhD program... I couldn't get a feel of what they wanted, but it sure as heck seemed like it wasn't me. Granted, that was a different department than the Drph, but still. Did you have any contact with that department or any faculty? Have you asked them why you were denied?
  6. And @TFPubHealth Do you know if they offer funding for those applying for the spring semester? I'm interested in applying but don't know if I should just wait until next year. Also, anyone applying to usf's drph.... How many years of experience do you have ? Is there funding? Feel feel to PM with any info. Thanks!
  7. Have you tried reaching out to some of the students at each institution? Or maybe some alumni? What were your reasons for applying to those schools? Based on that, make a pros and cons list. If you're able to, go on campus and try to get a feel for the school. When I started thinking about applying to PhD programs, I really wanted to attend University of South Florida. That was my dream school. I flew to Florida and attended a campus tour and met with a bunch of faculty one on one and at the end of a very exhausting day, I realized I was not a good fit at that school, no matter how hard I tried looking for something. The school is great and all, but I just didn't click with the faculty. That's something to keep in mind. Which one seems to be the one that'll get you to your overall goal.
  8. Thanks!! Reading this surprisingly made me feel a little better :-) I really hope no news is good news.
  9. Had my interview the 22nd of March. They said I would hear back by the following week. (I would say by March 31). It'll be two weeks tomorrow since my interview and I haven't heard anything :-( Going nuts.
  10. It's been a week now since my interview and I have heard aboslutely nothing from them. Going nuts over here!
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I sent them this morning (3 of them!). Hope to hear back soon.
  12. Had my interview with Maryland this morning and I feel more nervous now than I did before the interview. I think I did pretty darn good. Definitely wasn't a horrible interview and they seemed to be impressed by the questions I asked. They also mentioned in the beginning that they were aware of the number of faculty I met at apha and that they all really liked me and we're excited about how enthusiastic I was about the program. They really liked that about me. Hearing that put me somewhat at ease. There was a confusing moment at the end when one of the faculty mentioned that when I get an email tomorrow i can ask more questions in regards to the program etc... Then another faculty jumped in and said that they will meet Monday (schools on spring break at the moment) with the rest of faulty and that they will go over our interview (seemed as though they weren't or haven't done any other phone interviews) and that they will get back to me next week. I didn't know what to think of that. Did you guys send thank you emails the same day or the next day?
  13. Thank you!!! Whether or not I get in, I'm just glad they were able to overlook my horrible GRE scores and look at my application as a whole. Quick question for anyone willing to answer, so in the email it said that I will be interwing with him and 2 other faculty . I haven't replied to the email yet cuz I'm way too excited, but would you think it's appropriate to ask for the name of the two other faculty? I was thinking if wording it like so, "To better prepare for my interview, I was wondering if it's possible to know the names of the other two faculty." Anythoughts ?
  14. Just got an email to set up a phone interview with Maryland!!! So excited !!!
  15. I know there have been newer ppl commenting on this thread, so just wondering if any of you know anything regarding University of Maryland's maternal child health program (going the person that posted on results page last month sees this!).
  16. Thanks for the insight! If I don't get accepted this cycle, I'll most likely apply to the same school but a different department. There are a few faculty I'm in contact with currently, so I have options. Good point. And yea, ive realize that I need to broaden my scope a bit for next cycle (if that's the case).
  17. Has anyone here applied to a program 2+ times? How did you go about contacting faculty for the second or third round? Did you reach out to different ones?
  18. That's a great question! I'm interested in this as well. I'm sorry you were rejected from all programs :-( I applied to one school and have not heard anything back yet.
  19. I emailed Feb 16th and got this " Its my understanding that the department is currently reviewing applications and are finalizing interviews. I suspect additional information will be available over the next few weeks. " They mentioned during the application process that they have a group interview day in February with faculty and students.
  20. I was on campus last week shadowing a faculty member for work related business and found out at the end of the day that the faculty I was with allllll day is married to the chair of the department I applied to (different last names). Both my bf and I got the vibe when we ran into them later that day that I did not get in. That night I was invited to a film screening by a current student from the dept I applied to (and have been in contact with since apha) and I got the same vibe. Granted... I applied to a program that only accepts 2-4 new students. So I knew it was extremely competitive.
  21. Wow! Didn't have to do all of that! I started looking but I'm at work and it was taking for ever. Thank you!! I only applied to one program and it looks like I'm getting nowhere, so thought I'd apply to any if possible and not waste my recommendations.
  22. Does anyone know if there are any programs still accepting applications this cycle?
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