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  1. That's great that you're applying for this cycle! I'm about to begin the second year in my MPH program, so I'm hoping to continue on with the DrPH program a few months after I graduate. I'm looking at a few schools -- really considering UIC and Johns Hopkins at the moment. Which schools are you looking at? Funding is also a concern that I have. There's actually going to be a SOPHAS virtual fair on July 11th, so i'll be on and chatting with school admissions and financial aid reps -- funding is surely going to be a topic i'll be asking about.
  2. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to create this topic for those who are applying to DrPH programs to begin in the Fall of 2018! I'm beginning to look at programs and browsing through this board, so it would be great to hear from others who are doing the same. We can share our thoughts/updates/support here throughout this application cycle that we are about to begin soon!
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