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  1. Agreed! I think things will start to pick up mid January, which currently seems dreadfully far away.
  2. Hi, everyone! Hope everything is going smoothly while we all finish up our applications! Is anyone willing to share which schools they applied to and how confident they are feeling about all of them? I’ll start. I applied to Yale, NYU, U of Arizona and Indiana U. Yale is a long shot, and all the others I’m thinking could go either way!
  3. Hi, I can’t offer too much advise given the admissions process is opaque to everyone. My initial response to your profile though is that your experience is very strong, as are your GRE scores, and your GPA (particularly in the classes where it matters) is fine. If I were you, I’d definitely apply to all those you listed, but also perhaps apply to an additional mid-tier school or two. Good luck!
  4. I approached it in a fairly standard way: introduced myself, wrote a bit about my research interests and how they intersect with current work in their lab, asked if they were anticipating accepting new students next fall, and attached a CV.
  5. I have no particular evidence/insight, but I don’t see why it would raise a red flag. It seems like even the most qualified PhD applicants are worried about their likelihood of admission. Applying to a PhD program and a masters program indicates to me that the student has a career plan, and a back up plan/ willingness to work though a MS degree to ultimately obtain a PhD. Why are you thinking it may raise red flags?
  6. How has reaching out to PIs gone for everyone?
  7. So many publications!! Sounds to me that advisors would be crazy to not accept you!
  8. I reached out to 4 PIs. Two I had fairly thorough email exchanges with, 1 I had a Zoom call with, and 1 I did not hear from. You?
  9. Your experience is so incredible and impressive! Sounds like you can offer some perspective and ask unique research questions. I also sometimes worry that PhD admissions is merely a numbers game, but try to stay optimistic. I imagine PIs want to work with motivated and passionate students, not merely someone that has gotten good grades with limited life experience. Good luck!
  10. You have great research experience! I think it is important to find schools that really match your past experience and your future goals. I would perhaps suggest focusing more on demonstrating to 1 professor per program that you are really interested in their work and can bring valuable skills and perspective to a lab. I totally understand wanting to apply to as many programs as possible to bolster your chances of admission, but I'm not sure casting the broadest net possible is the best approach for PhD programs. I would suggest narrowing your list down so you can really focus on the wor
  11. Just one opinion, but I think you should submit! Your verbal score is phenomenal and I think will definitely stand out. I wouldn’t worry about your quant score. It is high enough to be competitive and it sounds like you have plenty of other experience demonstrating your quantitative competence. Good luck!
  12. I believe also WashU st.louis and Tulane
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