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  1. hang in there, rejections always come before interviews. I know they're running behind this year but I can let you know if I hear anything from the committee about when interview invitations will be sent.
  2. Hey there- Congrats on your acceptance! I lived in CT for 5 years and am pretty familiar with the areas you're talking about. The cost of living can be low- it just depends on what you're looking for and what amenities you require. If you're willing to find roommates and not live in the lap of luxury you can easily find housing for $400.00 a month or so. Utilities are like anywhere else. Now the location is going to depend on the lifestyle you're interested in- Farmington, Avon, and Plainville are suburbs. So they are residential and full of families and old people. There isn't any night life. There also are limited rental options because people don't really rent in those areas. While Hartford has things to do, the crime rate is high, the cost of living is higher (highest mill rate in the state) and no one actually lives in Hartford if they don't have to. You'd probably want to live in West Hartford. This is a really young city with a lot to do (restaurants, bars, etc). You can easily find an affordable apartment that's within walking distance of the downtown area. You can go into Hartford if you want to but most people go out in West Hartford. If you want to go clubbing you'd have to go into Hartford, but that's easy from West Hartford. You can also look at the West End of Hartford, but it won't be as hip or young as West Hartford and will have a higher crime rate. As for public transportation: this is NOT CT's strong suit. I would not rely on public transportation in CT. While it exists, it is not well used or maintained. This is very much a state where you need a car. Especially with the weather, you'll want a car to get around and go grocery shopping and getting to/from school. Also there isn't much to do in CT in general without a car. You'd be very limited in what you could enjoy. CT has beaches and mountains, a wine trail, casinos, etc. but none you can access by public transportation. If you want more information feel free to PM me- happy to help!
  3. the accepted students day is for all pitt public health regardless of program and degree, at least I thought so! It's march 23rd. if you just got your acceptance it should take a few days before you get the invite! I formally committed to pitt a few days ago so I'll definitely be there this fall!
  4. Hi! That's awesome, congrats! are you able/plan to to attend accepted students day?
  5. Hang in there! No news isn't the worst news in some cases- if you haven't gotten a rejection from UNC Health Behavior and don't in the coming days it probably means you're on the waiting list! Have you tried reaching out to the departments to check your status? I had some success with that
  6. are you attending accepted students day march 23rd?
  7. Did you also discuss it in your interview and have a feel for how much funding is provided?
  8. I figured they were probably the same! Are you going to go to accepted students day?
  9. Hi- Sorry it was only for BCHS https://www.publichealth.pitt.edu/Portals/0/BCHS/Forms & Manuals/DrPH-PhD_Manual_Dec_17_2014jtmf edits.pdf (in the appendices)
  10. During my interview with Behavioral and Community Health Sciences they stated that they fund their students for at least the first two years. I'm sure the letter will say that's not guaranteed, but she did seem confident students in this program will be funded for at least those years.
  11. Hey- congrats! What program? I got an unofficial acceptance a few days after I interviewed, the formal email on Friday at 3:55 PM, and the registration to my gmail "promotions" at 10:20 AM. Once I registered for accepted students day I started getting a bunch of emails. I haven't gotten the formal letter yet. My impression is that it doesn't include information about funding. Funding is not determined until after you accept. There's a flow chart on their website. It does include your initial faculty match, which I'm dying to know. I figure it'll come tomorrow.
  12. For those accepted to Upitt- the accepted students day registration email went to my spam so heads up to check there! Hopefully I'll be meeting some of you soon
  13. Hi- Wanted to start a topic for those accepted to UPitt for this upcoming fall. I was accepted to the PhD in Behavioral And Community Health Sciences. Anyone else accepted and considering this school?
  14. Congrats on the interview! Good luck! I'm not sure what "typical" questions are, but I can tell you the ones I've gotten. I also applied to social/behavioral programs. What do you think will be the most challenging part of pursuing a PhD for you? What are you looking to learn in the program? Is there a specific methodology you're interested in? What are you research interests? List a few research questions What are some structural barriers related to your research interests that you can identify? If you could do your dissertation tomorrow what would your question be and why? Design your dissertation survey/intervention- What methodology would you use? What type of intervention would you do to address issues you've identified? I also always have two groups of questions on hand. One group about the program itself and another related to POIs interests and past research. I've had good response to the questions "what makes a doctoral student successful in your program?" and "what is something unique to your program I can't find on your website?". Also- always ask about funding! One of my interviews it was my last question and the interviewer goes: "I always think something is off when students don't ask about funding."
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