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  1. To answer my own question in a bizarre twist, Not recommended as a finalist for Netherlands Research. Best of luck to those who do go. I will keep reapplying!
  2. Surely they cannot keep withholding decisions for much longer... Semi for research in Netherlands here.
  3. Re-awakening this thread: Cutting straight to the chase here to give you my parameters and questions. - Looking for a single or studio (no significant other or kids, holla y'all). - Max budget = $1,300 /month - Car is essentially hot garbage- need to be bikeable or close to streetcar to get Tulane downtown campus (SOPH). 1) Has anyone used an agent to find a place to live? I have been reached out to a few from reddit and I am cautious about their intentions... Any feedback on this? 2) I recently went down to look at areas, and really liked the area around Ma
  4. Anyone else not heard a peep from Brown Epi still? I have had at least two email requests for updates only to hear back that it's still "under review..."
  5. Just wrapped a skype interview for PhD with Colorado. How long do people typically wait on a decision following these types of deals? They said two weeks, but I know I would die of anticipation with that kind of timeline...
  6. Hello all! I am considering finishing my PhD training in epidemiology at CU's School of Public Health this fall 2018, and have a few questions to ask those either living in Denver on a grad student budget, or have previously. 1) Generally speaking, have you had financial difficulties even with a stipend and tuition remission etc? No need to get too personal if you feel otherwise, but I just worry about that in places like Denver it'd be more difficult than some of the other cities I am considering. 2) In a quick glance, it seems like renting an apartment in downtown or in reac
  7. My epi people: Why might I STILL have nothing after all these admits etc. from Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia? I had seemingly interested POI's at each and generally competitive stats + 2 first author/5 co-authorships. Why would this happen without even notification of waitlist or rejection, if that's the case? I am fighting to not feel disrespected by even the courtesy of communication...are there rational causes behind this?
  8. @pkv I am curious about your specialty or focus? I applied to most of the same programs (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown), but have zero notification of admit/reject/WL.
  9. V curious about this myself. I never got a good feel for them in my correspondence, but I can always hold out hope for a surprise!
  10. Can we agree to stop having people post questions on the results? It's rather annoying to check results and see "other" for someone just airing their concerns.
  11. Ex-Birminghamster here. I finished undergrad at BSC (tiny liberal arts campus up the road), and just wrapped my master's at UAB. In those 6 years, I had qualitatively completely different experiences, and lived in almost every borough. Overall, I loved it and miss it dearly, but it is not for the faint of heart (or those opposed/indifferent to college football and heat). Pros: - Truly and up and coming community and scene. When I moved there in 2011, it still sat in the ashes of its steel booming past. In just the time of my undergrad, it was quickly becoming a destination for tech
  12. Hello! I just received my official admit letter from OSU in the epidemiology program and I am stoked to hear more about Corvallis (and the news of course!). I hope to possibly visit this spring, but am not sure if I can afford it all the way from Mississippi Anyway, I wanted to accomplish 3 things with this post, so that if I could not get out before decision deadline I could: 1) Re-liven the thread in hopes that anyone in my position can connect as a community to discuss things. 2) Know what the downtown scene is like? Is there any kind of bar/brewery/pub scene that young
  13. Rejected by UNC even though PI said she really "wanted to get me involved" Also, has anyone else checked portal at Oregon State for admittance without email notification or funding?
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