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  1. I wish I had known this before my interview! These tips are fantastic! They totally caught me off guard when they asked if I had any questions...and it’s been stressing me out a bit since. Oh well.
  2. I was contacted by the UK Fulbright office. Where are you finding this information about when interviews are being conducted?
  3. Hey, did anyone else get an email for an interview today? I'm so excited!
  4. Everyone I know on this forum is heading from the US -> country, if you're heading from the U.K. You may be on a different timeline. The email on Friday was from the US state department to US citizens, letting us know they had forwarded the application to our host countries. I'm betting your email will come soon, albeit on a different timeline. ? Does anyone know any other fulbrighters trying to come to the US?
  5. Does anyone know how this works if there's only one award? I can't imagine they're only picking 2 semifinalists for the partnerships.
  6. Semi-Finalist for UK Partnership Award with University of Glasgow! I'm over the moon!
  7. Has anyone from the U.K. been notified? I'm sat down in the middle of Target trying to take some deep breaths
  8. Does any know if a government shutdown occurs tonight how that will/won't affect Fulbright? I did some light googling but I didn't see anything conclusive.
  9. I know this sounds crazy, but that's an oddly large part of my anxiety right now. I just want to know--then the government can have a melt down. The idea that this waiting might go on indefinitely is just terrible. Like come on guys, if you're going to cause a mess at least be a little considerate first.
  10. Alright, it's almost 5pm on the East Coast. I think I'm coming to terms that it won't be today.
  11. Ugh, so true. The emails to the Czech applicants are giving me hope, though! (Congratulations all of you--by the way! That is so freaking exciting!) As for the rest of us, it's 9AM so I'll say it--maybe today?
  12. Hey there everyone! Does anyone have a bet on which day we'll hear back? I'm feeling the 19th... (and just hoping it's not as late as the 30th!)
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