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  1. Congrats! Since Luxembourg and Belgium do orientation together, I will see you in Brussels
  2. I did. Finalist for Fulbright Research to Luxembourg. I received the email yesterday at 5:41PM EST.
  3. Am I really the only person who was notified today?
  4. That was the first thing I did...lol I hope good news is coming for the rest of you
  5. Just received an email that I am a finalist for Research in Luxembourg ?
  6. It's nice to see another Luxembourg applicant here. And yes, I was told within the next two weeks. Best of luck to you as well.
  7. Since I've had lots of interviews for various opportunities, I expected to be asked if I had any questions. I made sure to learn as much as possible about the country and current situations and asked a question that reflected this knowledge. I also asked another question where I was able to switch roles and made the panel feel as though they were being interviewed as well. Surprisingly, they expressed that they appreciated this very much so we'll see what happens. I hope it all goes well for both you and I in the end. *Fingers Crossed*
  8. Hey everyone, I just had my Fulbright interview this morning and wanted to give some words of advice to those of you who are still waiting to interview. Be prepared to answer why you chose the host country for your particular project. Why do you need to (physically) be in the host country to carry out this project. Why is your project important and worthwhile. How will the Fulbright experience contribute to your future endeavors. How will you be an example of a typical American and act an ambassador for cultural exchange while in the host country. Also, make sure you have interesting questions for the committee and that these questions reinforce your interests in being an ambassador between the two countries. Overall, the interview is way for the committee to determine if you are able to articulate the importance of your project to both the U.S. and the host country and to also get a feel for your enthusiasm and personality as they relate to the missions of the Fulbright. Always remember to smile Best of luck!
  9. Luxembourg was prompt about scheduling. I received an email on Jan 31 informing me that my interview was scheduled for Feb 26.
  10. Hey all, I received an interview date earlier this week for Research in Luxembourg and was wondering how those of you, whose host countries interview, are preparing for the big day
  11. Thanks for letting me know. I am a Penn State alumna but decided to apply At-Large. I called Penn State's Fellowship office and they have information on all of the countries (i.e., when they send out interview notifications etc.).
  12. Were you contacted for an interview by the Fulbright or directly by the host country? I applied to Luxembourg and heard that they conducted interviews the past two years but I am not sure if I should be expecting an interview date
  13. I got notified at 6:00 PM EST that I am a Semi-Finalist for Research to Luxembourg
  14. Although I applied "At-Large", I've remained in contact with the FPA at my alma mater. And, she too, confirmed that the day will be tomorrow .
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