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  1. I've met a person who have applied for the Jordan Fulbright and won. They loved it! I hope you decide to apply From my understanding with the health clearance, as long as it doesn't hinder your teaching or research you are completely fine. I know you mentioned that yours doesn't effect your ability to function. You could always email the Fulbright foundation and ask! I'm sure they would give you a very clear answer about it. The current political turmoil going on in the U.S. does through a wrench into the Fulbright process. Though, I think it makes the Fulbright that much more imp
  2. A little bit about myself. This will be my second time applying for the Fulbright. The last cycle I was designated as an alternate. After some research, it seemed like my country usually only finds extra funding for ETA's. So I'm applying again. I'm going for Poland research. Feel free to introduce yourself and where you are applying to.
  3. Hello to everyone! Since the last Grant cycle is coming to an end and the next cycle's application is now open, I figured it would be helpful to begin this next thread! Congratulations to the last cycle's grantees! Let's help each other out in the Fulbright process. This is a great place to ask questions, get familiar with the process, and chit chat to blow off some steam! Good luck to us all!
  4. I spoke to my Fulbright advisor this morning. Alternates typically don't hear back until the end if May/ first few weeks of June. It's like a 3rd round really.
  5. Question for people here. So I got an alternate status but I'm already touching up my application to resubmit next year since I strongly believe in my research. I had an interview and the panel that spoke to me seemed perplexed about my community outreach part of my application. (I don't know if ETA applicants have to do that). But I love nature and I spend most if my time out in it while not in work. So I contacted a nature park in warsaw to volunteer for. The people that interviewed me didn't seem impressed by it and said my skills would be better used for volunteering in a local immig
  6. Yes. Put it on your resume. I have a few professors that were alternates for big grants that listed it on their CV. It's an accomplishment and makes you stand out. Academics do it. On another fun note, I also found out your college advisors list your achievements on their CV. If you are awarded a grant or become an alternate, they list you on their achievements because it makes them s more competitive professor/advisor. They have to have been the one that advised you through college, though. So my advisor now has me posted on her CV as a Fulbright alternate.
  7. It's been 10 days for me as well. I think it's super early for alternates. A lot of them hear back in late April. I've also seen a lot if Alternates hear back in June. Basically any time in the spring you might hear back. I think expecting an email or call anytime before late April is too early to lose hope. But I'm in your boat too. Trust me. I got in touch with my country's Fulbright page from previous years and asked to hear from their alternates. They all told me they heard back very late. Like mid June late. Edit: I forget. We're you an alternate for the Fulbright Poland too? P
  8. This is so true. Like someone said before me, being an alternate is it's own hell in itself. Lol. But there is a lot of movement. I'm rooting for you though! I've also heard of a lot of movement happening in May and June! While it would be frightening to hear so late about the Fulbright only to leave so soon, that would be exciting! So there is that possibility. Some people initially accept only to withdraw later on. Keep the hope strong!
  9. I was looking at our own Google docs spread sheet. Aside from that, I've been looking at a lot of alternates stories and I also emailed my advisor of my status. We still have a good shot. Sometimes additional funding turns up last minute in April it's hard to know how many alternates there are, though, seeing as how not every Fulbrighter is on here. I would presume there are 2-3 for 20 grants? Perhaps I'm over estimating. I sure hope so! I am keeping my fingers crossed. Congrats to you!
  10. Last year, from out list, there were 2 alternate and both were given the Fulbright in the end. That's what's keeping my hopes up.
  11. Poland just notified. I'm an alternate. :/
  12. Since we are talking about the places we are from, is anyone here near or from the Nashville/Murfreesboro TN area? Perhaps we can grab a bite to eat and talk about our Fulbright ideas together.
  13. I was going to say! Last year was the 15th that is strange. I wonder why the sheets don't match up. And I'm super excited to finally start the show!
  14. Oh my goodness the anxiety! Why do you think so, though? And oh my goodness the first book was so good! I got the 2nd one and I've already read half of it!
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