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  1. polyxcrunner

    Columbia University 2018

    @archimon Yes, I was referring to the FLAS fellowship. MS in BME this fall!
  2. polyxcrunner

    Columbia University 2018

    Hi! @Bodhicaryavatara @archimon Do you have to be in GSAS to apply for that fellowship? I was admitted into Columbia's grad SEAS program and the fellowship sounds interesting!
  3. polyxcrunner

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    @clevaLady I'm in the same boat. Best of luck to all of you!
  4. @XuzheZhang If you're set on doing research, perhaps Boston might be the best option, simply because of all the different types of research. I am currently working and don't see myself going back to research so hence why that component doesn't really apply to me and I might be a bit oblivious to the research opportunities. However, if you decide on Columbia, we might be classmates!
  5. @BME grad From my time in Boston, I've met a handful of people from BU's PhD program, in terms of what people view as better? I would say it depends on your PI/Advisor relevance to the type of research you want to do. People will understand if you had some wonderful training if they know the type of work your PI's lab develops. Now, if you decide to go on the other end with a younger PI, it might be a bit harder since you will be explaining a bit more but still not impossible as long as you show that you've had a sense on of contribution. Industry and academia definitely see Boston as a biotech hub and amazing training ground. - Just my two cents
  6. polyxcrunner


    Ditto on Columbia! Once you're in those type of programs, the difference between their prestige is small. Your well-being and overall happiness will be the deciding factor! P.S - NewYorker who lived in Boston
  7. @XuzheZhang Thank you! Congratulations on both Columbia and BU! I haven't looked into the BU program. But for Columbia's MS program you can easily tackle on 1 year of full research by substituting for 2 courses (6 credits). It's on the website, check it out.
  8. @XuzheZhang I was admitted into Columbia's BME MS program as well. I'll most likely be attending!
  9. @BME grad My two cents on this is it all depends on where you'd like to live in the future. I'm from NYC and lived in Boston for a few years, if you want to stay in academia or industry I think Boston (the city as a whole) would be best for you. The plethora of companies and PIs working in the Cambridge/Boston area alone is amazing. Even if you go to Boston U, the biotech community is a very tight-knit group, and most of the big universities share opportunities with each other for internships/jobs/research. Best of luck! Happy to answer any other questions!
  10. polyxcrunner

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    @kaseyr10 I have been in contact with a GEM representative from one of the schools I applied for, and they mentioned that they only have funding for full fellows (no funding for Associate or University) this upcoming year. Meaning that the funding comes from the GEM university although GEM is the one who selects you as a "fellow".
  11. polyxcrunner

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    @balaenopter_a Thank you for sharing that info!
  12. polyxcrunner

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    Does anyone approximately know when one would be told that they would be considered as a University or Associate fellow?
  13. polyxcrunner

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    I also listed Merck on my application. How do we go about looking for an updated list of employers or finding the GEM employer representative?

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