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  1. Welp, my last chance is done. At least I'll have my doctorate in 2019 instead of 2020? Ugh. And the depression sets in. Good luck semifinalists!!! I am so proud of you all and I hope you guys get it. I am rooting for you!!! ?
  2. Well, I hope neither of those come true lol.
  3. Anyone else feel like Heihei from Moana when he realizes he's on the boat?
  4. Alright, elephant in the room: what happens if they don't pass a budget and the government shuts down tomorrow? When will we find out?! I mean, priorities. I have a weird mix of disappointment and relief that it wasn't today. At least my dream is still alive, but I kind of just want to know already.
  5. If they hold true to last year, today could be the day (it was a Wednesday last year). I think it's wishful thinking to think it'll be today, but still--kind of excited/nervous/nauseated. Good luck all--we've already come so far. Just a little further!
  6. This is true, but the committees decide in late November/early December, according to the timeline on the Fulbright website. Unless they were slowed down doing the emails or something, being closed in January should not affect them too much.
  7. They say that every year. Don't expect mid-Jan necessarily, but just because they say January 30th doesn't mean it's necessarily 30th.
  8. Happy new year all!!! Less than a month!
  9. I vaguely remember it popping up here last year around the time decisions for 1st round went out--maybe a week or 2 before? So we have some time still if I'm remembering correctly. The link from last year's no longer works--I hunted it for awhile back in September and the link was dead, so I can save you guys some looking time there lol.
  10. Submitted. Too tired to feel anything except numbness. Good luck all!!!!!
  11. 1 week to go guys! We got this! Also, the Embark seems super disorganized this year. Did anyone else notice that their 1st example for the affiliation things doesn't fit in the box?
  12. @savay Thanks! I've got it down to under the limit without the header, so hopefully it's not going to be an issue. But it's frustrating--I feel like the Fulbright site is a lot more of a pain to navigate this year than it was last year. Reading about everyone having issues uploading isn't making me feel great either, oy. FIngers crossed for everybody. I'm so behind this year--I feel like last year I was way better prepared by this point.
  13. Hey all, Quick formatting question. I know last year they explicitly said the name/title/country cannot go in a header of a document. I do not see that same instruction for this year--has anyone heard anything about using headers on their SOP/PS? Thanks in advance!
  14. I am so sorry--I didn't even realize there were locations next to the avatars. Now that I look at your program, if you're doing social work, you could try to find somewhere in the US that has a large french-speaking population. I'll be honest, though--I'm not sure how many of those are left. You could even spin it as a chance to improve your grammar. If it helps, your posts on here are good. Is there an English department at your university that you could work with to make improvements before you apply? I'm not sure if international applicants are on the same schedule as US ones. Once again,
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