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  1. peanutjellyfish

    Anxieties, Worries, Thoughts, Comments, etc.

    Dunno if I should go to CMU or not for PhD. Kind of stuck on what I want to do research-wise.
  2. peanutjellyfish

    Stanford MS Financial Aid

    For MS programs there's not really need-based financial aid and any kind of fellowship requires you taking the initiative to apply for and tend to be quite competitive. For Stanford, there is a possibility of tuition being covered if you try to TA a course every quarter. However, TAships are not guaranteed and they tend to be allocated to students who have taken a course before (so likely, a coterminal MS student who was previously at Stanford as an undergrad MS&E).
  3. peanutjellyfish

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Does anyone have input on what it's like to be a student at CMU without a car?
  4. If anyone has info about whether Cornell InfoSci is done sending acceptances, PM me or reply to this thread.
  5. peanutjellyfish

    Berkeley funding

    Stipend/salary of $26,700, payment of registration fees of $19,000, health and dental insurance, $15,100 in tuition. Summer stipend of $18,500.
  6. peanutjellyfish

    Data Science elite schools : what are my chances

    I haven't heard much about the MS programs at Cornell Tech, but there are several listed on the webpage about it. Cornell University and Cornell Tech are essentially the same at the PhD-level, though, where students in both Computer Science and Information Science can be at either campus depending on where their advisor is. The professors at Cornell Tech tend to do work that have some sort of direct societal impact.
  7. I don't believe this works at the graduate level. At the professorship level, it is possible for one of you to get an offer, and then you ask them to find a position for your partner as well. However, since your fiancée already got rejected, I highly doubt they would undo the rejection for her. The two-body problem doesn't really have great resolutions at the MS or PhD level.
  8. peanutjellyfish

    Data Science elite schools : what are my chances

    I suggest programs at Cornell Tech and NYU, since you are already in New York.
  9. peanutjellyfish

    PhD vs. Microsoft applied scientist

    I'd say this depends on the PhD program. For some programs, you'd get a pretty good network of alums, more career options, and the ability to network with a lot of big names in academia. For other programs, this may not be the case.
  10. peanutjellyfish

    Berkeley EECS

    The call was for ML. Edit: I suppose I should note that this information isn't very confident, because it's possible that these calls are part of acceptances, and they were just sorting out final details for some accepted students.
  11. peanutjellyfish

    being minority in math PhD program

    Hi! I'm not in a pure math program so I might not be too helpful, but I am a woman in computer science. I find that this corner of gradcafe does not have very many women so I'd suggest posting on Reddit (especially a forum for women in STEM) to get more responses. Also, congrats on getting into a good PhD program!
  12. Stanford is pretty great in this area! They just hired a lot of new faculty: Emma Brunskill, Jeannette Bohg, Dorsa Sadigh, and soon, Chelsea Finn.
  13. peanutjellyfish

    Berkeley, CA

    How easy is it to get from Berkeley campus to SF (say, the Exploratorium or whatever)? Google Maps says 45-ish minutes, which surprises me because I've heard anecdotally that Berkeley students are closer to SF than say, their rivals across the bay. Edit: Not that I think doing a PhD is going to give me any time to run around SF, but still....
  14. peanutjellyfish

    MIT EECS 2019

    They should just split up EE and CS into two separate departments. Plenty of other schools do it.
  15. peanutjellyfish

    MIT EECS 2019

    Oh this is really awkward. My interview seems to occur after their meeting. UhhhhHHHHHHH....

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