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  1. peanutjellyfish

    Comp Sci --> Cog Sci

    How unusual is it for someone to apply to CogSci PhD programs with a research background in artificial intelligence/data science? How should I ask for recommendation letters if my strongest ties are to faculty in Computer Science? I'm mostly interested in computational models of behavior, language processing, decision making, etc. My BS is cogsci but since I focused more on the computational side during my undergrad, I feel like I might have more knowledge gaps than someone from psychology or neuroscience. I'm a bit hesitant to try for a MA/MS program first since I'm already pursuing a MS in computer science, and I'd really like to jump into some PhD soon. Edit: Edited the title since "CS" can stand for both computer science and cognitive science, haha.
  2. peanutjellyfish

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    I was accepted last week
  3. peanutjellyfish

    Summer Research as a Master's Student

    I'm going to EPFL seems like going out of the US is the way to go
  4. peanutjellyfish

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    Read or skim the professor's papers beforehand and know your own projects well. I'm so excited to be in Lausanne this summer.
  5. peanutjellyfish

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    Yeah! Though I think in previous years most people heard back directly on March 4.
  6. peanutjellyfish

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    Interview request for me was simply a request to set up a skype call. The call went well! We talked about our research interests, my background, the lab's research plans. Will hear back next week (obviously since deadline for decision is next Sunday) on decision.
  7. peanutjellyfish

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    Why do MS students have less of a chance? I got an interview. Does anyone know reject/accept rates post-interview?
  8. peanutjellyfish

    ETH Zurich - Summer Research Fellowship 2018

    A friend of mine was accepted earlier this month via email, no interview! They said that they are not done with all of the acceptances/rejections yet.
  9. peanutjellyfish

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    Don't lose hope! My lab of interest told me they had just gotten to my application, so it means they're still going through everything. I agree with touchwood that each lab is at a different point in the decision making process. People in the past have been accepted around March 4 without any interview, too.
  10. peanutjellyfish

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    They are still going through applications so if you haven't heard anything yet, it is not a bad sign.
  11. peanutjellyfish

    Summer Research as a Master's Student

    Yeah, it seems like mostly I'll have to rely on professors referring me to various connections. I've asked several professors about this already, and only one was willing to help me out. A lot of the responses I got implied they would be more willing to refer me to other research groups outside of my institution if I were their PhD student. If I stay here, I need to somehow fund my work since a lot of the grants offered by my institution are for undergrads. I spoke with some other students and they suggested that I either delay my undergrad graduation (to be eligible for funds) or TA a class over the summer for $$.
  12. peanutjellyfish

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    Anybody apply this year? (Previous participants also welcome to share thoughts.)
  13. peanutjellyfish

    Summer Research as a Master's Student

    It seems like all of the programs I can find out there are for undergraduates only. I'm currently in a 5 year BS+MS program, where I'll be completing my BS this spring. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm in computer science.
  14. peanutjellyfish

    Get MS or apply to PhD?

    I'm currently on track to do a MSCS at Stanford. It's a "coterm", where you work towards a masters while I finish my bachelors. Doing this MS will result in me staying here for an extra fifth year, where I can pay for tuition via TAships. However, several CS professors at other institutions have encouraged me to apply for a PhD right now. Should I do this or stay here that extra year for my MS and then apply? If I apply now, I might get in some schools. Stanford has such great opportunities for me to really solidify my research interests, but I don't know if it's weird for me to pass up favorable-ish chances at a PhD elsewhere. Will I be burning bridges with these potential future advisors if I say "no thanks for now"?

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