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  1. Has anyone got acceptance from MTL?
  2. No letter from MIT... OTL Guess I'm rejected
  3. Is there anyone who are currently Berkeley EECS ph.d students or have received Berkeley EECS admission offer letter few days ago? I am curious about the funding offer. Plz write down replies behind or send me a message.... Thanks!
  4. I'm curious about the funding offer of Berkeley. For me, the admission letter said that they will provide one year stipend and registration fee. (Don't know about the following years....) How about other admittants? Do you guys have the same offer or slightly different one?
  5. Oh it's similar to Berkeley's Thanks a lot!
  6. Oh, MIT, too, does not have PhD advisor in the first year? Wow... it's really tough
  7. The mail received today seems to be an unofficial main from the Chair. Do I have to just wait for the official acceptance mail later? Does this unofficial mail guarantee the final acceptance?
  8. Thanks! Let's keep our fingers crossed
  9. Hmmm... Maybe EE and CS of berkeley are managing their admissions separately... That's quite strange
  10. Did you do the interview with your POIs? In what fields are u applying for? (for me, IC)
  11. I also haven't received one yet from Stanford EE either.... So sad
  12. Is there anyone who got interviews from POIs? I saw plenty of interview postings last year, but not nowadays... Does the interview indicate admission for UCB? (I mean being interviewed = high possibility of admission) Also, when will the results come out?? It's really painful to wait
  13. Is there circuit applicants of MIT or Stanford who had interviews with there POIs? I haven't seen Integrated Circuit applicants who had their interview yet...
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