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  1. You need to check if you are in the wait list or not by yourself mailing your POI indicated in your applicstion either you can call the EECS graduate officer. I got rejected.
  2. Congratulation. Can you share your POI initial??
  3. So did you get a waitlist mail?
  4. Then did anybody get waitlist email this year?
  5. Do they send waitlist email??
  6. I heard from POI that the Admission Committee's decision is done. So we have to move on.
  7. I heard from POI that the decision is done. I do not know the reasons they sent rejection email on March
  8. Thanks. it seems that sent rejection mails by Mrach for some reasons.. I have not seen many of those who accepted later than Feb. still wonder why they has to send the rejection mails laters. I guess in case many of those who accepted not going to get in? but that also does not make sense since MIT is literally a top grad. school.
  9. Hello did anyone received an email from the EECS department head, anantha chandrakasan, about the acceptance?
  10. Thank you for your sharing but I wonder what her name is!
  11. hello. anyone got into anantha chandrakasans group?
  12. what do you mean by saying it is not an email? Did you get an acceptance on your application website?
  13. It seems someone got an rejection email which i think it is not true. what do you guys think about?
  14. Do you guys know if they got an official acceptance mail or email from POI?
  15. But I see some students got their acceptance from their POI.
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