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  1. The Admission Committee has been working at home from Jan. 18 since the corona virus. According to that fact, I think admission decision is not going to be done any time soon. However, they are probably doing their best to finish their work by the end of March..
  2. They have sent third part of Feb. for the past three years.
  3. DITET master program decision is going to come out on next week (Feb. 15~19)
  4. I heard that it means they are reviewing your application according to previous ETH forum..
  5. I hope so.. but they hardly accepted any EE applicants last year too.
  6. Congratulations! I failed to get in last year and I honestly don't know what my profile is so different than others.. I mean I know that something I cannot change but I wonder how the accepted applicant wrote thier SOP.. Would you mind sharing your SOP by any chance?
  7. I think the EECS admission committee has chosen most of the applicants from CS subfields. The trend of acceptance seems no EE subfields has accepted to the program based on gradcafe. I honestly think they should split their graduate program unless they actually want to use EE applicants application fee as their cash cow.. No more acceptance most likely will happen even though the 'calendar' says there is a meeting since they never had sent more than one batch. Plus, some of the professors said they are done with reviewing application. Almost all the investment went to CS subfie
  8. Hi I have a question of your comments. Did you apply for MS program for Caltech or you applied PhD but they offered you MS? I hope you can tell me if you see this..
  9. Would you mind sharing your subfield? I would like to know if applicants whose subfield is not computer science (I mean electrical engineering such as circuitry) got an acceptance mail too..
  10. Does anyone whose subfield is not computer science got an acceptance email?
  11. just saw the email contents from the result page and I guess I unofficially got rejected (but officially at the same time)
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