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  1. MAshKam

    Toronto, ON

    Congratulations on your acceptance. I have received an offer it just stated the 17500 CAD base funding. How did you know about the TA?
  2. MAshKam

    MIT EECS 2019

    I have sent and I will tell you their response.
  3. MAshKam

    MIT EECS 2019

    What about sending to the admin to see if they are sending more acceptances or not?
  4. MAshKam

    MIT EECS 2019

    Can you mention the source of that?
  5. MAshKam

    MIT EECS 2019

    Yeah, do you think they send all emails at once?
  6. MAshKam

    MIT EECS 2019

    Could you tell me how was the interview? and your qualifications please. I have applied for robotics too but no interview. Good luck
  7. MAshKam

    MIT EECS 2019

    I can see acceptance in the results page. Do you think it is official acceptance? Also my major is robotics and I haven't recieved a call for interview should I expect rejection by now?
  8. MAshKam

    MIT EECS 2019

    What does status "U" mean?
  9. MAshKam

    MIT EECS 2019

    Hello guys, Who applied for PhD in EECS this year? Is it your first time ? What is your area of interest? and what should we do now : ) ? should we contact some POIs ?

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