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  1. SGD18

    MIT EECS 2019

    Hey @shrek12, I seriously recommend you let go of it. You should also keep in mind that the admission process for most universities is very random and not completely fair: 1. I've heard of people with amazing profiles being rejected, probably because the university was not conducting research along the line of their interests. 2. I've heard of people with not that great re`su`mes being accepted because they had worked with or had some connections with a university professor which at the very least, got their application more attention. I wouldn't be surprised if there is at least one admitted student whose re`su`me is arguably not better than yours I actually wish they would provide a report on what they thought of the student's application so I know: 1. They read my entire profile and seriously considered the possibility of admitting me. 2. What I was lacking compared to the students that got admission.
  2. SGD18

    MIT EECS 2019

    I know what you mean. ?? Part of me is excited about the results being so close but the rest of me feels stupid for thinking I have a good chance.
  3. SGD18

    MIT EECS 2019

    Was the visit recent? That would mean they are nowhere near finalizing the applicants. ? Edit: I got one on 20th January.
  4. SGD18

    MIT EECS 2019

    Acceptances are sent out in multiple waves. Usually, the first wave involves acceptances to students that the university definitely wants.
  5. SGD18

    MIT EECS 2019

    My POI stated on his website that prospective grad applicants should not contact him and instead, should just mention him in their applications. So I didn't ? Was this a bad move?

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