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  1. Hi guys, Last year I already did this journey of applying for grad school, getting results and rejection letters and was quite sad with the results...I applied to 12 universities (2 in Canada and 10 in US) and got accepted for a PhD-Track program in UBC in Vancouver. It's quite a cool lab actually but I wanted to go to Berkeley. So in the end I decided to spend 1 year in a pretty famous UK autonomous driving startup, try to publish a few papers in big conferences and apply again this year. My field is AI for control, robotics, and mostly reinforcement learning and the best research lab in this field is the one in Berkeley. I will try this big lottery to get in but as backup plan, also not to get as sad as last year, I wanted to find some overall good lab in a nice city. Is anyone here in the same field and/or has suggestions?
  2. Hi! Am I exhuming a dead post? I have been accepted to UBC for a PhD and I really like the professor and the research group, but I don't know a lot about the university (I just know that the campus is awesome) and about the city. Just some introduction before asking questions: I am Italian, I love to cook and I don't usually eat out for breakfast lunch dinner like many americans do (I have lived in the bay area for 6 months and that's what I saw, I don't know if Canadians are similar, don't blame me ). I have studied in Italy where the organisation of the school year is in semesters with exams that last all summer with no real school ending and I really don't know what mid-terms, spring breaks, fall term things are. I am questioning myself about the food, do you find good supermarkets where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits and not only pre packaged or already cooked stuff? I have always biked to school since I was 10; will I be able to bike also in Vancouver to go to campus and to go around the city? Sports related: is there a recreational center in the university? Are there climbing gyms? Still related to climbing, which are good outdoor spots for climbing? I know that British Columbia is awesome for winter sports, what are the closest skiing spots and generally how expensive it is to get there and to ski there? Is the car needed or public transports are good enough? The more you can tell me the more I will appreciate it, thanks
  3. Anyone has news of McGill CS PHD?
  4. The deadline was the 15th of December. I submit it around that time, maybe 2 days earlier. Accepted!
  5. Got my first Skype interview request from a POI finally! I'm so scared because I have no idea what to expect. Will I have to answer technical questions or it's just an exchange on research interests? Also, will he ask me usual recruiting questions strength/weaknesses, life goals...?
  6. I got an email for an interview from UBC area machine learning
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