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  1. Actually I am sure I want to get a PhD. However my point is to get from UCSB or try again after getting a Masters from UBC so I might go to a better school
  2. Hi all, I am compeletly confused guyZ. I have PhD offer from UCSB and MSc offer from UBC. I dont know which one to choose . Directly go to UCSB for a PhD or join UBC for masters and try get into a better school for PhD. My major is Fluid Dynamics and I am interested in CFD and Turbulence.
  3. Hey All. anyone here who accepted to Berkeley and does not want to go there ? if so please let me know. its very urgent. pleaseee !!!
  4. Hey All. anyone here who accepted to berkeley and does not want to go there ? if so please let me know. its very urgent. pleaseee !!!
  5. Oh GOD! They are rejecting everyone! No news here anyway
  6. Hey all, I am heading for the Mech. Eng. at UCSB for Fall 2008. Can any1 help me with some info regarding Santa Barba and UCSB itself ? Thanks
  7. Hi all, Jus one question. Some schools give out MS/PHD programs. Does this mean that if you are accepted to it you should continue till the end of PHD ? Or you are allowed to wihdraw from school simply after receiving MS degree ? I have such an offer and want to make sure before I accept or deny the offer. Thanks to all who collaborate!
  8. Hey all, I am also still waiting for my UCB results to be out. The only reason makes me hope still is the fact that they may be waiting for some of applicants to deny acceptance after which they can offer to some few remaining in their waitlist. I dont really know if they have such a "waitlist" or so, but lets hope this is the case since its our last chance to get into it. By the way my research interest is in the field of CFD and Hydrodynamic Stability.
  9. Hey all! It seems like I am also heading for UCSB in Mech. Eng. for Fall 2008! any recommendation ? where to live at the dorms or ...? I have heard that they are just making a totally Graduate dorm for 2008 entrance named San Clemente. How how does it fell to live on or off campus ?
  10. I dont really know about the Civil Eng. But if the same had happend to me I would definately choose Stanford. The important point is to look at the universities and see which one is stronger in your major in Civil. For example in my major in Mech. Eng., which is Fluid Dynamics, Stanford is definately # 1 in the world so I would choose that. Besides another important point, to me at least, is the endowment each university has. Regarding Stanford it is about 17-18 Billions, while UIUC has about 2-3 Billions. So you see it seems that Stanford has the potential to support its students. Finally not
  11. OMG!!!! 700 VS. 80 !!!!!!!!! I applied for the PhD. is it more or less probable to get acceptance compared to MS ?!?!?
  12. Hey all. As Mariner told, they are going to send out results by this friday! I also called the dept. and they told me the same. Well I dont really think they are going to accept their own students and reject others!!! The only point, which has made the situation very hard, is that no word is heard from the applicants, even rejection. So you can not say " Hey I have not been rejected yet so I have chance!". I really hope that this one is not gonna disappoint me since I already got rejected from 2 of my best choices, i.e Brown and Cornell. If Berkeley is also gonna reject me I gonna die! So lets
  13. Hey all, I plan to study Applied Math with a major in Computational Science (Computational Fluid Dynamics is my current major as Mechanical Eng. Student). I have applied to Brown University but no more school this year and I am waiting for the results. I don't actually know if get admitted but these are my records: GPA (Mech. Eng.): 3.83 GRE V: 470 GRE Q: 800 GRE AW: 3.5 TOEFL iBT: 113 (647 PBT) So should I have any hope at all ? By the way. Anyone here studying or applied to Brown ? Any news ?
  14. Hey guys. Does any1 know about the expenses and living situation, safety or any other important thing, about Vancouver ?
  15. Hey guys, I applied for Mechanical Eng. this year. Just got accepted in UBC but no words from other schools. This the list: Cornell UC Berkeley UC Santa Barbara UC San Diego Brown (Engineering) Brown (Applied Math) Michigan Ann Arbor Maryland College Park McGill Western Ontario if anyone has any answers from any of these schools please let me know . Thx
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