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  1. Hey got into Umich for MS/PhD without aid... Waiting for UC Davis for MS admit with aid... I am confused reg which one to choose...
  2. Hey got into Umich for MS/PhD without aid... Waiting for UC Davis for MS admit with aid... I am confused reg which one to choose...
  3. Hey M still waiting it out for the Umich MS/PhD result... Think some offers were made... but looking at the number I think more offers are yet to come... Cos haven seen much admits yet... Might be they are sending it out in batches... Or waiting to see if any faculty could offer an RA :-) hoping for the best Pls go through the Umich Admits thread of "Admits for USA" Community in Orkut.com There are many who apped to Umich Mech
  4. yes its definately unfair... and soon no intl student will app there
  5. Seems tat some one got reject from BErkeley for MS/PhD thats bad to hear...
  6. u can discontinue after MS but it is a bad practice
  7. Oh yes,,, seems that they do not need intl students... but i feel thats its more to do with the fact that they want all intl students to come to UW only with funding I contacted a prof and he agreed to be my advisor... finally in the last few days of march it turned out that he is a faculty associate and hence cant be an advisor... i was devastated... there was no time to find a replacement advisor since all profs had enuf students already... Had they informed me this earlier i cud have convinced some other prof... time has run out for me... can expect a direct reject this week without even my application being reviewed... Very sad... How can they ever reject without even looking at the strength of the application...
  8. May be today they will send out the decisions...
  9. Me tooo waitin for UCB and UC Davis Umich should be out this week TAMU too hasn't responded
  10. U know,... i really thought that IIT guys will get 100% acceptances... really... not kidding...
  11. Nope I was saying abt the Mech Engg program...
  12. Hey U have a very good profile... No wonder u got a fellowship About me: No international Publication 2 patents filed 2.5 yrs Exp in R&D of a Two wheeler manufacturer in india in Hybrid Electric Vehicle design and design of Electronically controlled CVT... Now doing research in 2-stroke scavenging to improve scavenging efficiency...
  13. well I have seen 3 guys get admits already for MS/PhD and 2 of em have won fellowships
  14. Where all did u hear good news from?
  15. Hi Shima I would say you should take Umich With a fellowship u can put in more time doing research in the area u like than doing an RA for a faculty in an area of his requirement Umich has better IC Engine infrastructure then UC LA (I believe so) Look at the profs in both univs n see which ones are better to work with... Myself apped to Umich PhD in ME... still haven got my result which means no Fellowship :-( Hope I get some aid from them or else will settle with UC Davis if they give aid... UC B result is still on the cards...
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