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  1. I know this may not help you but I have opposite regrets. I did good in school but I focused all of my energy on that and didn't focus on the fun part of college and now that is my biggest regret of my college life. Balance is key. When I start grad school in the fall I will make it my priority to keep on top of my coursework and research but also to make time for fun stuff and socializing with my peers.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I ended up doing just that the next day after after sleeping on it. The professor was quite amicable afterwards, wishing me luck and hoping to meet in the future ifr the opportunity arises. I guess I was just nervous about their reaction but it all worked out. I guess if you aren't entirely sure it wouldn't hurt to continue to interview in this scenario.
  3. I applied to a few schools in early January and was accepted to my reach school and accepted an offer. I just got an interview invite for one if the applications today and I'm wondering what I should do. Should I just do the interview and see what they have to say? I'm worried that of it goes well I'll get an offer and at this point I don't see myself really taking it over the first program. Any advice welcome
  4. Hi there! ? I'll be attending Waterloo in the fall for systems design engineering. I've only heard great things about Waterloo so far and looking forward to meeting everyone in the fall.
  5. Yes they are both at my home institution and in the same department so it's really more of one advisor giving advice and guidance with the other being the main advisor for the project. And I will receive funding from both. But this does give insight to how it works at other institutions. Thanks! ?
  6. Thanks so much for the response! I did mean having full funding from both but your explanation makes it really clear. I guess it really wouldn't make sense to have 100% from both. In my situation I will be working on one project with a main/primary supervisor and the co-supervisor would really only be lending there expertise at least that is the arrangement as I understand it right now).I am being funded by the primary and not 100% by both but I was just curious how it worked with others in the same position.
  7. This is just a question based on curiosity but if you are coming supervised by 2 POI's do you get funded by both?
  8. yea Comp sci as well but I meant which research lab areas were you applying to. I was hoping to join the hci lab
  9. Hey, no I haven't actually. It's been silence since I submitted my application. I'm guessing it's a rejection. What research area are you applying for if you don't mind me asking?
  10. hey! I got into UWaterloo. not for CS but another field. just waiting on official letter at this point.
  11. hey, I got an unofficial offer for waterloo (actual amounts will be in the official acceptance) but I wanted to know if about $31,000 (roughly) per year is enough for an international grad student to pay tuition + living expenses. I live a very frugal life now but not sure how that translates here
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