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  1. @lazzyshivam it would be good to see you next fall ! Take care stay safe and all the best 😊
  2. @lazzyshivam 1. Pratt has a great reputation among design schools . Apart from that I felt the course curriculum was very apt for me. Also I believe staying in NYC has its merits. And to top it all , I have recieved a scholarship from Pratt so I can aim for a higher ROI as well . 2. Research part: Pretty much the same for all schools. The program started in 2016 . Its pretty new as of now so I couldn't find as much information about it (other than their website and topuxschools) . I connected with a few students on linkedin and they gave me a very positive feedback .
  3. Hey! I was supposed to leave for fall 2020 but considering the current situation , I was unable to do so . So I haven't started yet . I'm planning to start in Spring '21 as of now .
  4. @molly7 Are you an international student?
  5. Hi guys ! Anyone enrolled for fall 2020 yet ? Any information regarding the program's reputation ?
  6. Hi guys ! I got into the Pratt's IXD program with scholarship . Spoke to a current student from the same program. She told me the programs were not library focused and rather the course is a very UX oriented course. There are tons of technical classes and students come from Computer Science backgrounds to Marketing backgrounds.Although I could not find much information regarding the program online. Its comparatively new so could not find much information regarding the alumni as well. Would be very helpful if someone gives some feedback on the program's reputation.
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