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  1. can anyone offer advice in this situation? i accepted a partially funded spot at my first choice last month, and this morning got a fully funded offer from my second choice. i don’t want to burn any bridges, but i also don’t want to amass more debt. at the same time, i really prefer the other program, and am considering taking the risk of pursuing it despite the debt (which isn’t very high all things considered). how would you go about this? should i tell the first program’s advisors about the offer and see what they say? i can ask my advisors from undergrad but they’re not really familiar with either program as they are situated in music, so i’m not sure it will do me any good. 😥
  2. work experience is really valuable for applying to mfa programs! the biggest emphasis is on your portfolio and statement. having an undergraduate degree in architecture shouldn’t hurt your application. every program is different though, and if you have doubts don’t hesitate to reach out to admissions.
  3. yeah i did yesterday. it really does help a bunch! i think i’ll love the campus too
  4. from the results page, it looks like parsons usually sends out admissions around 3/15.
  5. i know i won’t be able to any time soon, since i’m on the west coast until my finals end. instead i spent a lot of time looking over previous thesis books and course catalogues. definitely doesn’t have the same effect, but since the other school i was considering as much (ocad) wanted my decision by today, it is what it is.
  6. risd i was deciding between ocad digital futures, nyu itp, and risd digital + media.
  7. i made my decision yet i’m still freaking out!
  8. i’m currently finishing my undergrad in vancouver (as an international student from the us), and staying in canada is quite doable once you have a degree here! vancouver as a city is really expensive to live in though. i’m at ubc, not emily carr, but i’ve only heard good things from their students. feel free to message me any questions about vancouver or the immigration process!
  9. the portal does have it!! hope everyone else got good news!
  10. i heard from them this past friday, applied on the deadline. from previous years on the results page it looks like acceptances go out in waves.
  11. i’m also a graduating senior. i hope they announce funding info soon, although i’m leaning towards a different program. i didn’t apply to pratt’s program as ux isn’t my interest, but i think it’s good to note that the majority of the credits at itp (40 of the 60) are from courses of your choice, so if you want to focus on that, it’s still very doable. i’d suggest looking at the course offerings for both schools and weighing how they fit with your goals and interest. good luck!
  12. I just got my acceptance yesterday. How long did NYU take to give info about scholarships?
  13. i got it in a separate email. i think i was only given one because i’m outside the us. i won’t worry yet then!
  14. has anyone who’s been accepted received their physical letter in the mail? i received a tracking number, but it hasn’t changed status from “ready to ship,” and i’m not sure whether to worry or not
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