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  1. Wish you all the luck! Actually, I am from Taiwan too
  2. Hi guys, I posted a topic a few weeks ago, and now I am posting again because the decision gets harder...... Now I have got the following admissions, and all are STEM programs: Pratt - Information Experience Design (IED) Parsons - Design and Technology (DT) SVA - Interaction Design (IXD) NYU - Interactive Telecommunication Programs (ITP) California College of Arts - Interaction Design (IXD)* *= 1 year. The rest are 2-year programs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ My goal is to become a UX / Interaction Designer because I enjoy t
  3. I heard from them on Mar. 20 and I didn't have an interview! Did you hear from them yet? Congrats on the scholarships!!! You must be really talented.
  4. Congrats with both of the admissions and the scholarship! I didn't get a scholarship from Parsons sadly Anyways, I am still considering my options...
  5. Hi, it's Annie here! I got admitted to Parsons DT too also SVA IXD! Anyone too?
  6. Same here!! I also applied for NYU IDM and HCI in London too, but still waiting for perhaps the rest of the programs. In my humble opinion, although I always love London and know that I fit the European culture better from my past study and living experiences in Europe, I still consider the U.S. a better place to study this field given the difficulty of obtaining a working visa in the UK for a foreigner. However, wish you all the luck and hope we all get the best!
  7. hi, have you heard from ITP yet? Or maybe other programs? Good luck and don't forget to share good news
  8. Thank you for the help I am a bit into new technology and want to see how I can grow with it (in the sense I am leaning toward NYU ITP), but also very tempted for the direct and very UX-focused courses at Pratt!
  9. Hi guys, I currently got accepted into NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program (no scholarship) and Pratt Information Experience Design (awarded with scholarship). Question: which one should I go for? I love both of the programs and they are both prestigious schools. The fact that Pratt has awarded with a fair amount of scholarship has indeed made it very tempting... On the other hand, the fame and community of NYU ITP are very fascinating to me as well. Could some give me any advice? Thanks a lot in advance
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