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  1. Got admitted to Pratt was wondering if there was anyone else who has accepted this program and would like to get in touch.
  2. Is there anyone here who can give me some insight on how good the Information Experience Design program at Pratt is?
  3. Did anyone hear back from UMCP?
  4. Got admitted with 5k fellowship
  5. Has anyone heard back from IUB?
  6. Has anyone heard anything from them yet?
  7. It was an English proficiency exam. It was more like a casual conversation. They asked me about my daily routine, why I applied to the program, my hobbies etc
  8. @GudduFML I hope we get our replies soon
  9. @Lavs I interviewed with them during the first week of feb. I don't remember the date.
  10. Has anyone got any replies from IUB for their HCI/d program? I had a TEPIAC interview but didn't hear back after.
  11. @Bazinga! I’m an international student too. I hope we get our replies soon
  12. Has anyone got a decision from Pratt for MS in IXD?
  13. Has anyone got accepted to the HCIM program at University of Maryland,College Park?
  14. @coolitd congratulations! Did you also get a postal letter?
  15. @Bazinga! let us know if they respond to your email. I applied for MS IXD in December itself. Hopefully we get our decisions soon.
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