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  1. Thank you for your input. Do you have any idea about how's the environment at SVA?
  2. Had no idea there was a group! Just joined, thanks! I haven't decided yet though... I'm struggling to choose between NYU and SVA
  3. Congrats! Did you accept ITPs offer?
  4. Thanks, have you decided yet which school? Oh really? Nice! I'm not Taiwanese but love your country. Been living here for almost 8 years.
  5. Interesting, I'm wondering if that means I was on waitlist and they interviewed me to make a decision.. I checked the app website on Wednesday and it said my application was being reviewed. Checked yesterday, and it had changed to "Decision will be sent via mail and email. You will receive your detailed offer soon!" Still waiting for that email though. I live in Taiwan btw, so it's Friday morning for us already. I'm hoping tonight I get a response. And thanks! You are really talented too, got into many schools!
  6. Hey @anniehsinyu When did you hear back from them and did you have an interview?
  7. Hey @Warsaw Yeah, I did request that amount.
  8. Hey! I am on the same situation as everyone. Got accepted to Pratt (half tuition scholarship) and ITP (nearly half tuition scholarship). Haven't decided which school to go to yet since I am still waiting for SVA's letter, was interviewed by them a few weeks ago. Not 100% sure why but hope is a good sign. Did anyone apply to SVA IXD here?
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