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  1. Ummm maybe 2 weeks ago, but they just emailed acknowledging that they received it this week.
  2. Finally heard back from the last school I was waiting on. Rejected from VCU design/visual comm design. Everyone else heard so long ago I figured I did something wrong in the app, but I guess not. It was a very nice letter telling me I was really close to getting in and to apply again next year. I wonder if they say that to everyone? Either way still pleasant rejection. I’m going to elsewhere so no biggie.
  3. I turned it down so maybe you will get my spot! Fingers crossed
  4. My final list for 2yr Graphic Design MFA: Tyler - Accepted with TA and generous stipend for 1st year MICA - accepted 35% scholarship SCAD - accepted with small scholarship SVA - accepted no funding Rutgers - asked to interview but turned it down because I already had some others I wanted more Yale - rejected RISD- rejected Tulane - rejected SAIC - rejected VCU - ghosted, I never heard anything even after emailing to ask. I was really struggling between choosing MICA or Tyler. I’m going to commit to MICA though. Already turned down the
  5. I’m going to the grad visit day at MICA grad visit day! I’m graphic design though.
  6. I don’t know too much about the Otis program but it came up slot when I was researching schools as a pretty good program. I didn’t apply to any of the Cali schools, but I think the same lady that heads the Yale GD program started the Otis program.
  7. Just got a risd rejection, but was expecting it
  8. I received an email to check the portal. Good luck!
  9. Just got a rejection from Tulane, but it wasn’t really a good fit so I’m not surprised. It was the only general mfa, nondesign specific program I applied to.
  10. I haven’t heard anything from 3 schools: RISD, VCU, or Tulane. I know everyone else already heard from VCU ages ago so I’m assuming it’s a rejection or waitlist or I did something wrong in my app. I checked my status and there is no change in any of them. Tulane sent out rejections to some people so not sure where I stand there. For RISD I haven’t seen any postings from anyone about the 2yr GD program, but I know they already did stuff for the 3yr so not sure where I stand there either, but I’m guessing it’s a rejection at this point. I already have a few acceptances though so I’m not too conc
  11. Where did you decide to go?
  12. I saw this over the weekend too and found it really interesting.
  13. Did anyone apply to RISD 2 year graphic design MFA? Have they sent anything out yet? I’v heard a lot of people mention the 3 year, but haven’t seen anyone mention the 2 year, but I could just have missed the posts. I’m guessing it’s a rejection at this point, but worth checking. My portal has no update.
  14. Yeah in the housing room share section of craigslist there are tons. If you need any neighborhood info I would be happy to give suggestions on some suggestions on the different neighborhoods.
  15. I considered it. I looked into it because they offered an mfa program, but I did some digging and I don’t think it was accredited in the US, which prob is g a factor for u since ur Canadian, so I decided against it. Malta would be a really cool place to live for a few years though. It’s nit very highly ranked in the rankings of all universities in the world I forget what list I was looking at.
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