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  1. My app portal for VCU was reset today (photo/film), without an update on my status, just welcoming me as someone who is re-applying to their grad school. I had been checking occasionally for an update (an assumed rejection). I'm assuming it will show up next month in the mail, which will be fun to open. This is def an extra amount of discouragement on top of everything. Probably good thing to get used to that but, eesh.
  2. Sweet, thanks for the response. Also congrats on getting funding at your first choice; that's awesome.
  3. Has anyone received rejections from UIC photo or VCU photo/film? Could really use some closure!
  4. Ha, I was waitlisted last year! Was not waitlisted this year.
  5. I'm in the same situation. Depending on where you applied, I think it's pretty late. I would send a nice email to the department contact asking for an update. Until I get an official rejection, I hold a small hope for an emailing telling me I've been wait listed. Unfortunately I think I was passed over. So, I'll just get busy and next year I'll adjust my approach. Or go to school to become an accountant or programmer.
  6. One thing I've taken away from this process is that I would genuinely love to see what happens inside these selection committees. Additionally, I would love to be a part of a selection committee. I should maybe put that on my statement of purpose next year.
  7. I applied to photo and wasn't contacted. Others on the forum, across disciplines, have either gone through interviews or been accepted into the program. I emailed the graduate director last week, asking where they were at in the process, and have not heard back.
  8. Rejection from RISD today. An email letting me know there was an update in my app portal. 🌨️
  9. Hey, I'm sort of in a similar situation--I got sustained hits on my site from programs but did not receive invites. I feel like I was probably skipped over. I want to contact them and get an update; I'm just not 100% clear on who to contact. Did you just email the graduate director? thx!!
  10. Awesome, thanks for responding and also congrats. I see that you also received an interview request from RISD photo?
  11. Have any photo people hear from RISD or UIC? Since some interviews have already taken place at UIC (outside of photo, but it seems like a program where disciplines are interwoven), I was thinking of contacting the department?
  12. ugh, this is rough news. Good luck!
  13. Congrats and good luck on your interview. Do you know if UIC is conducting interviews for all departments? I applied to photo and this was one of the schools I really liked.
  14. Did they conduct all of their interviews?
  15. I know. I'd love to know what goes on in the decision making process and the reasons behind staggering the communication. It's such a small program, hopefully we hear something positive by the end of FEB. Probably OK to contact them and ask, if need be, when March roles around?
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