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  1. Finally heard back...rejection. Apparently I was towards the bottom of the waitlist, and there was no funding left. Argh this process...I applied to a total of five schools (max I could afford), interviewed with one (and rejected), waitlisted by two (ultimately rejected)—needing to regroup, wishing I had the money to go sit in a beach somewhere.
  2. Hey, congrats! I emailed with them yesterday and was told they are talking to financial aid and will get back to me—but I have not yet received an offer yet, so I have no idea. I am in a similar situation, I would need a lot of funding... I’ll let ya know when I hear for sure. Such a crazy process!
  3. Being on two waitlists at this point in the game is pure torture. I think it means I/we are a great fit for each program but there are snafus keeping us in a holding pattern. I know I have many opportunities beyond or instead of grad school right now-but, damn, this waiting for a likely/uncertain rejection is just brutal!! Sending good vibes to all.
  4. Anyone declining an offer from Sam Fox? Biding my time on the waitlist...
  5. Thanks for the encouragement! And Congrats!
  6. Waitlisted at Sam Fox/WashU (extremely flattering for me!) so champing at the bit there, crossing fingers and toes etc. Still waiting to hear from Pratt (Integrated Practices). Trying many methods to distract myself...
  7. Congrats!! And I feel ya, this whole process is weird and stressful, especially at this late date. I'm waiting for two more schools and realizing I can't assume anything since obviously their results aren't out yet. I interviewed with UARK way back in February (ultimate rejection) and I had NO idea the whole process would be stretching on so long. Haha, thought I'd know either way much much sooner.
  8. Sorry you had to go through that, I went through a similar thing with UARK, where they interviewed me (so I was hopeful), then some weeks later said my app was incomplete. I ended up uploading and emailing my transcripts multiple times, before they finally officially had them in the system-it felt like they were putting a lot of effort to put me through, but they were just putting their ducks in a row to reject my app. Argh. Crossing fingers another school works out for you!! And me!!
  9. Ditto with UCONN! Awaiting two more myself. Hang in there.
  10. Ok, this stuff is stressful: A school I had given up on (mostly) followed me on Insta. I spent about an hour thinking “ooh, maybe I’m still a candidate,” they then unfollowed. Um. My account is not private, so they could have checked me out without following...a bit confusing. And totes stressful.
  11. Anyone hear from UCONN or Sam Fox? T'would be nice to at least get some last rejection notices and move on... Congrats to all who've gotten in so far! And love to those (like me) still waiting in the wings.
  12. @TheRealHankHill thank you so much for sharing, that article helped more than I can tell you. I didn't have much dough for apps, so I just applied to 4, but it has been a waaaay different and much more stressful experience than I anticipated. So far: Outright rejection from CMU (not a surprise, I guess, as it is a long-shot, but one of my recs has close ties there and a lot of confidence in my work) An early interview with UARK (I then totally fell in love with their department, I thought the interview went really well and I was a bit excited)--followed by a rejection.
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