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  1. oh thank you so much! Did you go to RISD?
  2. Hi! i saw you were accepted into SVA MFA Design. Just wondering did you accept it? I am on the waitlist of that program. if you have already enrolled in other schools, do you mind turning it down? THANK YOU! T_T
  3. Me too. NYC is like one of the best campuses I could ever ask for.
  4. Thank you so much! Wish you good luck in grad school too
  5. Thank you so much! And sorry for posting in the wrong forum LOL
  6. I am also on the waitlist!! Best of luck to both of us could get in.. What school will you go if you haven't heard back from SVA?
  7. omg I am actually waitlised by SVA MFA Design.. Really like their program T_T
  8. I got waitlisted at SVA MFA Design. Not sure what the chances are.. Fingers crossed!
  9. I'm on SVA MFA Design's waitlist and I'm curious if anyone is considering not attending SVA?
  10. Hey guys, I am on the waitlist of SVA MFA Design. Do you guys know the chances of getting in? Although I got admitted into Pratt but I really like the program at SVA and still want to wait till April 15th. Fingers crossed!
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