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  1. Whew! I'm focusing on graduating right now (from my MA, like two weeks left ahhhh!) and getting a living situation settled in Chapel Hill. After that I'm going to work my lifeguard job in my current city until my lease ends, then I'm moving back home for the summer to spend time with my family and relax a bit before moving across the country. I have a loooong reading list that I'm sure I'll be getting started on, and I've been in touch with my advisor for my new program. I'm excited to get started with everything, but also excited to take some time off with my family before the big move.
  2. Hi! I just wanted to see how many of us are here and if anyone wanted to exchange email addresses, get in contact, etc. I'm potentially looking for a roommate for when I move also! lol edit: This is for UNC Chapel Hill and moving to Chapel Hill. Not sure why my original thread got removed/moved to this thread...
  3. Removed myself from UT Austin's waitlist today. I doubt this will cause any movement, as I was #2 of (assuming) 2 on the waitlist for a spot in their DLL concentration.
  4. Ah yes, the chaos of the 15th is upon us. I wish you luck in wherever you decide. I’m sure anywhere would be lucky to have you! And thank you! I’m super stoked. The program is such a great fit for me.
  5. Officially declined Texas A&M's offer today. Super hard to make the decision to leave Texas and my MA institution. Seriously such great faculty and such a great and growing program. On to the next chapter, even if it's a little bittersweet :')
  6. Accepted UNC Chapel Hill’s offer today. You can take the girl out of Texas but apparently not too far out of the south!
  7. Anyone heard anything from UT Austin recently? I've been on the waitlist since January, and even after emailing three times, I've still yet to receive any response. Maybe my e-mails aren't getting read? Maybe they are and they're being ignored? Maybe they hate me now?? :')
  8. Congrats on being waitlisted though; I hope it works out in your favor!
  9. Not the caller, but I emailed Penn state today. Will post here when I hear back.
  10. if i get ONE MORE spam health insurance call...i'm gonna lose it
  11. Ugh, in the same boat over here. I also hate it because I know I'm holding a spot that could potentially keep someone else from getting in if I end up rejecting. Also the fact that I have no idea where I'm going to spend the next 5 years of my life :')
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