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  1. Wow, you are the poster child for waitlist movement!! Are you going to be able to visit Johns Hopkins?
  2. I met a decent number of people who were finishing up their senior year during visits. They had gotten into some two or more top 10 programs. I would say they seemed like the minority (with more people on a gap year, or having worked for a few years, or in MA programs), but I definitely don’t think it’s impossible. For me, taking a gap year to gain some work experience has been really great. I have enjoyed my experience being out of school for the first time(!) and how my life could be like with a normal office job—on the other hand, it’s been really dull at times, and reinforced how muc
  3. Is the visit just one day or does it stretch out so they have you there on the 15th? I just have this image of them saying, "No, you can't leave until you tell us if you're coming!"
  4. Movement is real!!!! Yay!!!! I feel like you especially deserve this b/c you are so good about declining and this is good waitlist karma!!! Does it knock out any other choices for you?? I wonder if you get off the waitlist this early if you can visit/do you have time to visit?
  5. I'm so sorry; I should have been clearer--I am NOT on Columbia's waitlist, but on a different one. I was just empathizing with the specific person who was and had posted on the Results board. (Would be super surprised if I were on Columbia's list because I didn't apply hahahha) Huge congrats to you!!!
  6. I feel that waitlisted Columbia person on the results thread! I went back through old GradCafe threads and found that for the waitlist I'm on there weren't any results of people getting off of it (and confirmed that for at least 2 years in the last 5-6 years it hasn't been used). I'm really glad I have a school that I really like and would happily go to, but not being able to make a concrete decision until basically April 14th/15th is hard!
  7. I was just at a visit where someone from a different Bay Area university talked about how he found his apartment through a departmental email. Did you ask about help finding affordable housing and how the current students manage to make ends meet?
  8. I feel like the best thing to do would be to ask your specific program(s) for how many students have done it in the past 6 years, and if you could be put in touch with them.
  9. I love this thread b/c of the role reversal!!! So nice to see students doing the rejecting, for once
  10. I would think they are asking about preferred specific flights.
  11. I've only done one visit so far, but I did really appreciate the time to just walk aimlessly around the neighborhood and on campus. Also, seconding the part about not smiling too much--I have RBF, too... oops.
  12. I would reconsider this part of your motivation. That said, I think your goal is certainly attainable.
  13. @FiguresIII So glad to hear that taking classes all around is doable. I was a bit worried that you were stretching for reasons to take Yale, but this sounds like a legitimate benefit!
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