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  1. Same thing here! If anyone is looking at this thread, I have email notifications set for PMs and would love to talk to anyone about the topics in my signature, especially if you're thinking about getting into new media/digital media theory or game studies and looking at programs/professors to apply to.
  2. Just got home from the Chicago visit (lol), and committed to Chicago as well!
  3. Absolutely 100% talk to the department / the chair of graduate studies / whoever sent you the congratulations email. Tell them how you're honestly feeling and that the difference in stipends is making it very hard to attend Berkeley. They let you in because they really, really want you there. If Chicago's stipend amt and livability is making it difficult to impossible to choose Berkeley, you should let them know and see what they say. Personally, I'm just waiting till the Chicago visit to decide... why is it on the 12th!!! It's torture!
  4. @KennethBurked which programs are you considering? Which programs do you want to apply to but maybe feel out of reach? (I know a bit about new media and game studies programs)
  5. wow! amazing! what a fantastic program. @veroniquea can I ask your focus, just out of curiosity?
  6. Just got rejected from Brown Modern Culture and Media. Was getting a bit antsy even though I most likely wouldn't go over the other programs I'm considering. I can't say I'm that sad, because after Wendy Chun left a year or so ago, the department is pretty all over the place in regards to media theory. It just sucks getting rejected, period, haha. I thought my app was solid, but there honestly was no fit. Well, now I just have the master's programs left.
  7. same here. knew it was coming, and honestly relieved get the formal rejection. duke was obviously one of my top choices (just one of a kind professors and placements in media theory) and i don't feel sad about my rejection as much as bummed because I know I could've made the application better. i finally nailed my application down a couple days later, haha. well, it is what it is.
  8. Thank you @trytostay! I have been anxious throughout this whole process, but am feeling a new and overwhelming pressure now that I have to decide on a program. Decision advice/threads are why I'm here! I guess the nerves never go away...
  9. Hey all. One of my friends just told me about this site. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I've gotten in to a few places. If anyone is interested, I can talk about my app, etc. I'm broadly interested in new media and contemporary theory, as well as marxism/capitalism, game studies, machine learning/AI, and digital/computational aesthetics. Accepted to: U Chicago Cinema and Media Studies U of Michigan Film, Television, and Media UC Santa Cruz Film and Digital Media I haven't heard from any other programs I've applied to.
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