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  1. You really did it! Such wonderful news, congratulations I plan to be in the Cville/Staunton area many times to see plays at the American Shakespeare Center in the next 6-7 years. Perhaps we will rub elbows.
  2. dilby

    The Crisis of Application

    Hello, that's one hell of a username you've got there. I would actually see this as more of an advantage to your application than a setback, unless the faculty member left on really bad terms with the DGS? but I would hope that these people would be willing to set aside their petty grievances in the name of finding applicants who are a great fit for the program. Being a faculty member at one of your departments would give a recommender key insights into the character and atmosphere of the institution. They would have an easier time making an argument for why you are precisely the kind of student the department needs, and help you craft your profile and SoP to fit the bill. Maybe there's something I'm not considering, but I would see this as a big plus.
  3. It may depend where you'd be living during your gap year(s). I've had two delightful years off, but I'm also living in Austin, where it's really easy to find a job and where many of my friends, family and mentors are located. My time away from school has allowed me to read outside of my research area while clarifying why, exactly, I want to get my PhD. But, as everyone has been saying, one can only really base their advice on their own experience.
  4. Just formally declined my waitlist spot at Rice β€” I am 99% sure that this is going to cause some movement, if someone out there is waiting.
  5. I couldn't have put it better myself. I just accepted my offer at Yale β€” see you in New Haven?
  6. dilby

    IvyPlus Exchange?

    I also wonder how it works between semester-based schools like Yale and quarter-based schools like Chicago/Stanford β€” do they just fudge it and say "a seminar is a seminar"?
  7. dilby

    2019 Applicants

    Word on the street is that Columbia made offers to something like 35 people this year. I'm not sure how many people will have to turn them down in order to get the waitlist moving, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of you 🀞
  8. Congratulations!! It really felt like such a great fit for your work during the visit weekend. I am still super torn, but if I move off the waitlist there's still a good chance I'll be joining you.
  9. Yes! I had a great visit to Yale but, get thisβ€”I am still strongly considering Rice! That's a big decision, so I've got lots of phone calls to make and emails to write before I'm comfortable pulling the trigger either way. (Of course, I haven't even been admitted to Rice, so doing my best not to jinx anything here). You were there during my visit, so you definitely got a sense of how happy I was and how much I fit in with just about everyone I talked to. This is definitely where Rice has a leg up on Yale, where the overall atmosphere was a little stuffier and more self-important than I'd prefer. Although of course that doesn't apply to everyone I met, and some of the professors I talked to were really warm, honest and helpful. And their work is really exciting, and meshed well with my own interests. My academic and academia-adjacent friends and mentors are going to get a lot of questions from me in the next couple of days, to be sure.
  10. dilby

    IvyPlus Exchange?

    owo I did not know about this at all, and it could potentially allow me to work with some of the major POIs put other schools higher up on my list than Yale thank u for bringing this to my attention πŸ™
  11. dilby

    Campus visit thoughts?

    Rice's visit program was spectacular. The way they run their program is super sharp and very attentive toward the needs of 2019's job market. A big takeaway for me is that they dedicate a lot of attention to training grad students in styles/genres of academic writing other than criticism: conference proposals, book reviews, etc. But the biggest takeaway is that EVERYONE WAS SO SUPPORTIVE OF ONE ANOTHER. If you had told me that a graduate program could be so tight-knit, I would not have believed you. Some takeaways for you all: Really ask what a department's professionalization philosophy is. What is the theory behind their "Intro to graduate studies" course, if they have one? And if they don't, why not?? How do they intend to make sure graduate students aren't teaching themselves how to apply to conferences in the fourth and fifth years, when it's too late? Think about the distinction between "guaranteed teaching" and "required teaching" β€” what is the quality of the teaching experience you'll get, not just the quantity? i.e. does the department view teaching as an opportunity for you, or a way for them to make sure all of the discussion sections get taught? Ask about the relationship between mentors and advisees: Do the department's most well-known (and/or most ego-driven) professors allow students to latch remora-like onto them and produce methodologically identical work? (Spoiler: this kind of mentorship model often does not yield exciting job applicants) Try to have dinner/drinks with groups of graduate students and see how they interact with one another. Is this an environment where you feel at home? I'm not gonna lie, Rice really blew me away on all of these fronts and more. I'm going to enjoy asking Yale to compete with them next week.
  12. dilby

    2019 Applicants

    Word, this is exactly how the Rice visit weekend was. It instantly helped the feel of the visit become more collegial
  13. Thank you! re: Texas, if you go to the visit next week, you will be meeting a couple of super cool people I just spent the weekend with at Rice. I hope you all have a great time!
  14. dilby

    2019 Applicants

    I don't expect to make my decision until next weekend, but I went ahead and made the thread because I don't mind getting a notification every time someone posts.
  15. So, where are you cool kids going this fall?

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