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  1. I just got an email from a professor who was on the adcom at my program, reaching out... just because? This isn’t someone I mentioned as a POI but it seems they just wanted to reach out as a friendly contact of sorts in the program, and I’m a bit confused as to how to respond to this... any tips?
  2. I feel this! Every few days I keep wanting to clean out my PhD docs folder because all those SOP and WS drafts and other clutter are taking up unnecessary space, but I just can’t bring myself to do it because a small paranoid voice in my head whispers ‘are you suuure? what if admissions get revoked, though? what if funding gets cut? you never know what can happennnnn....ssss’. 😂
  3. Thank you, all! I’m off to celebrate with some eclairs!
  4. Accepted off the Michigan waitlist! Beyond thrilled.
  5. Thank you! And fingers crossed for you, as well!
  6. When I emailed them to ask about the specifics they said their list wasn’t ranked and didn’t really give any more info as to how the decision-making process would be handled. So I’m really just at sea over here hoping so hard that just maybe I won’t get shut out this year.
  7. Think it’s time to start freaking out now that the first waitlist acceptance has been posted for Michigan... 😬
  8. One of those folks here, haha. Congrats on your decision!!
  9. Everyone ready for the moment of truth due to come sometime this week?
  10. Is anyone currently on the Michigan waitlist? I'm losing my mind over here, someone pleasure reassure me that I'm not alone 😩
  11. Was thinking about wait lists the other day and had this question: how large are the lists at some of these ‘smaller-cohort’ schools? I was just thinking that I’m sure there can’t be just 4 or 5 people on them (that’s about how many tend to post on the board), but at the same time I can’t imagine that it would make sense for a program to have a list of, say, 20 people because they can’t realistically imagine pulling more than maybe 2 or 3 people off the list...
  12. Thank you! Oh there is definitely relief. Now I can actively focus on planning my next moves for reapplication instead of being stuck in a horrid limbo of ‘will they or won’t they?’ whilst overthinking every possible aspect of my app. As ugly as this shutout feeling is, I’m actually not as sad as I thought I would be. Definitely feeling that fresh start blank slate vibe right now and I like it.
  13. Okay BU it took you long enough. Honestly not even mad about this anymore.
  14. I still have nothing from BU and I gotta say even though the time and distance has kind of resolved me to calmly accept the coming rejection, I still can’t help but shake that slight hope that maybe it will be a waitlist?... I know I want to reapply if it doesn’t work out this time but everything happening right now with the pandemic and the economy is just adding an incredible level of stress. It’s almost funny to think back on where I was emotionally and mentally back in January or even February... nervous and stressed but still completely clueless about the absolute shitstorm that was already brewing...
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