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  1. One just got added to the results right now so I'm assuming not??
  2. Is anyone else taking the GRE in the next few months? Apparently they've cut it in half so now it is under 2 hours. This change isn't reflected in the 2024 printed study guides so I'm kind of worried that I won't be prepared for the new version of the test. I took the GRE back in 2018 when I applied to my MA program but I'm retaking it since my scores have expired.
  3. I emailed the program I'm waitlisted at last Monday because at the end of February they told me to email them again "later next month" if I still hadn't heard anything. They still haven't responded to the email I sent on Monday. How long do I wait before trying to reach out again? They were super responsive and positive the first time I contacted them to ask about my application status so this is giving me bad vibes.
  4. Well if that's the case then that's probably good because I'm very niche lol! My focus is illness narratives and the intersection of disability and performativity, so I'm mostly in the medical humanities/ disability studies fields.
  5. I'm also officially out at Michigan, I feel the pain. Aside from waiting on Harvard (lol) I'm at 8/9 rejections and one waitlist at Davis. If anyone has insight in Davis's waitlist process or how much movement there usually is that would be extremely helpful! Sending love to everyone else without an acceptance ?
  6. Is anyone else still waiting to hear from Davis? I've seen a bunch of rejections and acceptances listed in the results but I still haven't heard anything ?
  7. Looks like another wave of rejections were sent out by Davis today, anyone else still haven’t heard anything? Wondering whether I still have a shot if I never got an interview.
  8. Has anyone else not gotten any PhD acceptances yet? I'm finishing my MA this semester and this is my first cycle applying to PhDs. I've gotten 3 rejections (Berkeley, Northwestern, and Cornell), no interviews or waitlists, and 7 more programs left to hear from. I'm not holding my breath :/
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