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  1. Did you recently retire or did you finish your studies? Are you an international or national student? What was your specialty? What do you mean with toxicity? I have a friend on the forum who was really interested in Cornell for Spanish, but is weighing other options. It would be really helpful if you elaborate more. What would you say is the problem with Yale?
  2. An off topic query today. Is it possible to do your Phd and study another degree (like Law School) at the same time? Not at the same university, but perhaps in the same state (or in very close states). Do universities have a problem with it? I am an international student and I entered a Literature PhD program this year, but I have been thinking lately that I would like to study law as well. Help, opinions, everything is welcome. I am throwing a ball here.
  3. Just so you know, Brown University won't be accepting applications for Fall 2021 in the Humanities and Social Sciences. They just confirmed via e-mail.
  4. Hi. I'm sort of in the same situation as you. I did get into Oxford for an Mst in modern Languages and into an Ivy league for a Phd. I didn't have a masters degree though. I would recommend to apply to an Ivy and try to enroll in a Phd. Now, if you don't get into any, then perhaps try to get an MA first. But, as everyone says here. Do not pay for it, at least not a lotof money. Good luck!
  5. I think I'll pick the Ivy in the end. Would love to hear your experience, if you have done any study in the UK, though. Regarding the Ivys. I had a lot of respect for Yale, especially on the colonial track, but I've heard it's a disaster lately. I hope they recover. Particularly, I have no interest in Harvard. I heard that they are very culturalists and I don't share that vision. The same goes for Princeton, but I don't have many references from the department (I didn't even apply), so I can't comment. Brown seems like a pretty healthy place to go to grad school; I think that reason only
  6. Let's say... Harvard vs. Oxford = Yale vs. Oxford = Princeton vs. Oxford = Brown vs. Oxford = ... etc Again, it's only one year master, but... It's Oxford.
  7. If you could chose between an Ivy League, fully-funded, PhD program or a Mst in Modern Languages of one year, also fully funded in Oxford. Which one would you choose? Also... I'm going to the Golden Age track.
  8. Do you guys have any news on NYU? I entered my dream program, but I am waiting for my NYU rejection letter to end all this. I didn't get an interview, so I'm pretty sure they don't want me at Washington Square Park.
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