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  1. Does anyone have advice for good Spanish (medieval lit) programs for a PhD? I am planning on making a round to Princeton, Harvard, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt. I know some of the big state schools in the north are pretty good as well. I am also open to some funded masters Spanish programs if anyone has any recommendations.
  2. Thanks you. It seems that it’s a pretty mixed bag (some have masters and others don’t), so it’s really difficult to tell if it’s necessary.
  3. I applied only to Oxford this past year and was accepted into its MSt in Modern Languages to study Spanish literature with no funding. I am excited by the program, and have been struggling to narrow down exactly what I would want to study in a PhD program, so I thought a masters would be a good choice to do first. I was also a Fulbright ETA in Spain, have a 3.88 GPA, have published a few articles and have presented at a few conferences. As I’ve been gathering advice for what to do from different professors, one in particular told me she thinks that I would be wasting my money on a very expensive Oxford masters because she thinks I have what it takes to get into a decent PhD program straight-away. Nonetheless, I have heard that it is difficult to get into an ivy-league PhD program without a masters first. Does anyone know if this is true? Would it be worth it to get the Oxford masters first? I currently have no student debt, so the prospect of steeping myself in severe debt is frightening as well. A friend of mine has also said that because the economic situation is tenuous for many universities because of COVID-19, she thinks it’s best to take the place that’s given to you because it’s probably not guaranteed after this year. Also for you language people, it isn’t too late for me to apply to some masters programs in Spain, where I could get a really inexpensive masters. Would you recommend Spain masters programs? Of course none are comparable to Oxford...
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