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  1. yeah I've noticed that too! It does strike me as slightly peculiar...
  2. @EM51413 would you mind listing a few more top-ranking colleges according to whether they focus more on language/literature or theory? or perhaps more easily/importantly... how does one figure out the historical and current leanings of each department? department website, faculty research, current grad student theses, ... are there other ways of truly uncovering the nature / flavour of a department?
  3. Only some of the schools I'm interested in have waived the GRE, so I'm taking it, especially since I'm confident of a good score
  4. @ambermt90 any updates on funding and treatment of grad students in UT Austin?
  5. @Glasperlenspieler I wonder if you wouldn't mind elaborating a bit on what a good project proposal / statement of purpose for complit would look like? I studied multiple languages and literatures in my BA, but there wasn't really a complit option. Does a comparative project necessarily have to involve more than one language? Couldn't it be within a single language but across different mediums and authors? Or two languages / literary traditions for a specific time period and theme? Any and all guidance would be much appreciated
  6. Is it officially confirmed that the cohort will be smaller?
  7. definitely keep working on your French and Japanese. You can prove your competence not just via options in college, but also proficiency tests (DELF and JLPT, although I don't know if these are still taking place during the pandemic); you'll have the chance to talk about / prove your competence (and potential) in your statement of purpose and/or letters of recommendation. If you don't have time to work on both, then work on your French to a C1 or C2 level, I think.
  8. Wondering - if a school doesn't require GRE scores, would it still be worth sending them? (Ignoring schools that explicitly say that they will not look at scores even if submitted)
  9. Oh. I'm also looking at programs adjacent to CompLit, such as Romance Studies, Modern Theory and Literature, etc. I suppose it would be good to decide on which colleges to apply to by... the end of this month...?
  10. hello all, just joined the forum and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm planning to apply to CompLit programs this cycle (despite some being sadly suspended - Columbia, NYU, Oregon...). Currently figuring out which programs to apply to (and how many - 6? is 6 a good number?). I'm looking at programs that are heavily interdisciplinary (history, material culture, etc) and theoretical (queer theory, postcolonial theory), and/or colleges that have good faculty in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese (where my intersections lie -- I'll probably narrow down from these 4 though). I'm v
  11. For CompLit specifically: Oregon, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, Notre Dame have suspended admissions. USC and Northwestern have yet to update. Any colleges I missed out..?
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