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  1. ambermt90

    UT Austin - Part-Time Jobs

    I just got hired at VIP Kids (also recently admitted into UT Austin's comp lit PhD program and stressing about money). I haven't taken advantage of VIP Kids yet as I'm in the middle of two other jobs. There are a lot of blogs addressing income and hours through the company--it seems you really can earn a reliable income, especially in the summer. I will say the hiring process is intense, but my understanding is that the payoff is worth it.
  2. ambermt90

    UT Austin Comparative Literature

    I have not. I contacted them twice but it's just been radio silence. Honestly feeling kind of nervous. What have your conversations been like? My biggest concern at the moment is less about funding, though that's obviously huge, and more so the treatment of graduate students in the program. It worries me that I'm struggling to get information.
  3. ambermt90

    NYU Interdisciplinary Masters (XE)

    Yes, prestigious revenue stream is the vibe I'm getting as well.
  4. ambermt90

    UT Austin Comparative Literature

    That's what they told me about a month ago. I emailed the graduate advisor six days ago and haven't heard back. I'd like to learn more about the program in general and make sure PhD candidates have support in the program, as I've seen a lot of friends in graduate programs struggle after funding changes in their program. Have you had a chance to speak with any other students or professors at UT?
  5. ambermt90

    UT Austin Comparative Literature

  6. Does anyone have information on NYU's Interdisciplinary Masters (XE) program? I applied for the comp lit PhD and was admitted into this instead. I don't intend to accept, but am just wondering if anyone has information on it. It seems like a nebulous program and beyond the brief description on NYU's website, I can't find a lot of information.
  7. ambermt90

    UT Austin Comparative Literature

    Have any applicants who were admitted into UT Austin's Comparative Literature program gotten information on funding? I would really like to accept but have no idea what funding will look like.

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