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  1. In 2020, the PoliSci department received 90 applications, admitted 16 and 10 accepted. In 2019, the PoliSci department received 75 applications, admitted 18 and 8 accepted. In 2018, the PoliSci department received 88 applications, admitted 24 and 10 accepted. 2018 was the year when the University threatened to take away future students' stipends.
  2. Computer Science is one of Illinois' strengths. Its program in CS is stronger than Duke's. The collaboration alone would be worthwhile.
  3. Flagship (and Ivy) at the undergrad level does not apply to the grad level. There are programs at satellite campuses that many would consider stronger than the flagship campus. I think it's important to remember that support for your field will differ by each department and placement is the most important thing. Nobody can predict the future but they do can figure out how much people will get paid. Nobody is going to get rich from grad school but one should be able to live off a stipend without the need for roommates and they shouldn't have to worry about tuition waivers being withdrawn.
  4. As the article states: A fourth-year doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) may face deportation after being dismissed from his studies due to noncompliance with COVID-19 testing. Yidong Chen, who goes by the nickname Ivor, lived with his mother in Champaign-Urbana while working remotely as a teaching assistant in the fall semester of 2020. Because his mother has greater chances than he does of contracting COVID-19, Chen barely left their home until the start of the spring semester of 2021. Chen opted out of his university’s policy on COVID-
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